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  • September 29, 2014

OOW14 In Full Swing

Patrick Wheeler
Vice President, Product Management

Need to make sure I get to Caltrain in plenty of time because we're getting a very fast start to OpenWorld today! 

We got our Demo Booth all set up yesterday and it looks great. I thought we did a decent job last year but this year it's even better. There are lots of great sessions today and an excellent place to start as always will be Andy Mendelsohn's keynote. Of course he's got lots of good stuff to share about Multitenant, Database In-Memory and the rest of Database 12c

That puts the pressure on me to follow his show with my own first session (of five!) - CON7302 Multitenant New Features. There's lots of good new stuff in Join me in Moscone South 102 and I'll tell you all about it.

Barely time for a cup of coffee as I join Randy Wilcox of SAS OnDemand to talk about SaaS at SAS. Ahem. Bad pun, great implementation story. SAS is a great company and you don't get as far as they have without looking after your customers' data. That's why they turned to Multitenant on Exadata for their OnDemand offering. Listen as Randy shares the details in Moscone South -130.  

Head back to Moscone South - 102 at 2:45 and hear John McHugh talk about Multitenant Best Practices. You know it's going to be packed in there - don't be late.

There may be time for a brief refreshment before heading over to Moscone South - 301 to hear the success story of a major international health insurer. It's projects like this where John McHugh has developed his best practices. 

Full details of Multitenant sessions are available in the Focus On Multitenant page.

Don't forget to sign up for CON12068 Oracle Multitenant: Ask the Experts, Thursday at 10:45. It was a late addition and didn't make it into the printed catalog, but it's on! Tweet your deep technical questions to our top developers - use #PDBexperts #OOW14.

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