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New Exadata Cloud Service Resource Model in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Tammy Bednar, and Kevin Deihl

Exadata Cloud Service X8M redefines performance, elasticity, and scalability for a cloud database service.

With the announcement comes a new Exadata Cloud Service resource model in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The new resource model splits the existing DB System resource into two resources, the Exadata Infrastructure resource and the VM Clusters resource. This simplifies the manageability of the resources in Exadata Cloud Service. You can view your current Exadata Cloud Service resources through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console.

The Exadata Infrastructure resource is used to manage the hardware configuration and maintenance schedule at the infrastructure level. The VM Cluster resource is used to configure and manage the Networking, OCPU count, IORM, Oracle Grid Infrastructure, and Oracle Database.

Exadata Cloud Service X8M is provisioned with the new resource model. Older generation Exadata X6, X7, and X8 systems that were provisioned with the Exadata Cloud Service DB System resource model can be easily switched to the new resource model with no downtime. Switching to the new resource model does not impact existing databases or client connections. However, if you have created automation that uses the existing DB system API, your applications may need to be updated to use the API associated with the new resource model. Switching to the new Exadata Cloud Service resource model cannot be reversed.

Six steps to switch to the new Exadata resource model

  1. Login to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console,
  2. Open the navigation menu. Under Oracle Database, click Bare Metal, VM, and Exadata.
  3. Choose your Compartment.
  4. In the list of DB systems, find the Exadata DB system you want to switch to the new resource model, and click its highlighted name to view the system details.
  5. In the Switch to the New Exadata API and User Experience information box, click Switch.
  6. In the displayed confirmation page, read the What to expect after switching section. When you are ready to switch to the new resource model and APIs, click Start.

Support for the DB System API for Exadata Cloud Service will end on May 15th, 2021. Only the DB System API is impacted by this change to the new resource model. No other existing Exadata Cloud Service APIs are impacted by this change. We recommend you start planning to switch your Exadata Cloud Service instances to the new resource model.

For more information on new Exadata Cloud Service new resource model and a complete reference of the new Exadata Infrastructure and VM Cluster API, refer to the Exadata Cloud Service documentation.

Note: This only impacts Exadata Cloud Service systems in Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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