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Introducing Graph Studio with Oracle Autonomous Database

James Steiner
Vice President

Introducing Graph Studio with Oracle Autonomous Database

Graphs are amazing. You can model data in a new way that lets you understand relationships, discover patterns and anomalies, and classify and analyze connected data. This lets you answer questions such as who the most important customers and suppliers are, where the critical points in a supply chain are, or which financial transactions may be fraudulent. Graph databases make it easier to manage, represent, and interact with complex relationships in data.

Today, Oracle announced the Limited Availability of a new feature in Autonomous Database (ADB) built for developers, analysts, and data scientists. The Graph Studio in ADB makes it easy to create graph models from data in your database or data warehouse, perform graph analysis, develop graph applications, and visualize and share results.

See how the Oracle Autonomous Database simplifies graph analytics or learn more about Graph Studio

Make Graph Databases Easy with Autonomous Database

With Oracle Autonomous Database, you get a complete graph database platform that can be deployed in minutes with one-click provisioning, integrated tooling, and security. This means you don’t have to be database expert or graph specialist to get started and be productive.

graph analytics lifecycle

The new comprehensive tooling includes:

  • Automated graph modeling
  • Extensive graph analytics and graph query support
  • Advanced notebooks and integrated visualization
  • Automated install, upgrade, and provisioning
  • Autosave, backup, and checkpoint data restoration features
  • Ability to schedule graph analysis
  • Sample notebooks and pre-built templates and workflows for different graph use cases

Industry-leading Graph Analysis, Database Features and Performance

The graph database, analytic, and visualization features in Autonomous Database offer industry-leading capabilities.

The Graph Studio point-and-click, low-code user interface automates graph data management, modeling, and simplifies analysis, visualization, and deployment. Autonomous Database with Graph Studio gives graph database, graph queries, and graph analytics to analysts, developers, and data scientists across the entire graph analytics lifecycle.

One of the biggest challenges when working with graphs is creating the graph model from your data. The Modeler in graph studio automatically creates graphs from database tables using existing relationships in the data.  You can use these graphs as-is or modify them if you prefer. 

Query the graph, use prebuilt graph algorithms

What makes graphs so powerful is how much easier they make it to explore and analyze relationships. The property graph query language – PGQL – combines familiar SQL constructs like SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY and ORDER BY with graph pattern-matching capabilities to search for surrounding nodes, traverse property paths, perform pattern matching, and extract sub-graphs. 

In addition to querying and traversing relationships in your data, graphs simplify analyzing that data by supporting algorithms to discover and identify anomalies, clusters, communities and influencers. Oracle Autonomous Database includes nearly 60 prebuilt graph algorithms.

Powerful graph visualizations and notebooks

Data is only valuable if it’s used. Graph Studio notebooks enable interactive graph visualization through tables, charts, and more. These let you work collaboratively with others and share results through a multi-purpose notebook for collaboration, with guides for documentation, visualization, and interactive analysis.

Enterprise-quality graph database: easier to get started, simpler to use

"After facing performance issues with an open-source graph database due to a skyrocketing number of new users, we turned to the graph feature of Oracle Database. Oracle’s graph database easily achieved scalability while managing massive amounts of user entity information and their keys. And with the Oracle Autonomous Database, we’re gaining large-scale, secure graph capabilities – despite being a startup without a database administrator."

Tatsuro Kamoshida, CTO and Director, AMENIDY

"With Graph Studio in Oracle Autonomous Database, you don’t need to be a graph expert to explore the power of graphs. Oracle’s new simple interface and pre-built workflows make it possible for almost anyone to build graphs, apply analytics, and create visualizations for fraud detection, customer recommendations, smart manufacturing, and other groundbreaking graph use cases.”

Gianni Ceresa, Managing Director of DATAlysis and Oracle ACE Director

"Graph Studio’s point-and-click, low-code user interface enables us to cast traditional relational tables as a graph, allowing us to capitalize on Oracle's comprehensive set of graph algorithms. It's perfect for analyzing complex enterprise-level data relationships."

Dan Vlamis, President, Vlamis Software Solutions 

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