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Increase Business Continuity With Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service

Edgar Haren
Principal Product Marketing Director

In prior publications we have discussed how companies are modernizing their data management strategies, and evolving to see data as a form of capital and the catalyst for driving better business decisions.  In addition, data management systems have also become the foundation for many business critical applications.  In a survey conducted by 451 Research entitled, The State of Application Uptime in Database Environments, they found that respondents reported that nearly half of their applications were critical to customer engagement including eCommerce, B2B services, customer-facing services or customer facing media.  These applications directly impacted revenue, but also brand value.  Even where enterprises have implemented scale out infrastructure to help modernize many of their IT operations, many firms have yet to elevate other IT systems to directly address the critical symbiotic relationship between their database and applications.

Many firms see the pains of database and application downtime, as well as data loss, through the lens of the operational challenges that follow a disaster, but to provide additional color to these events, IDC estimates that application downtime costs the collective Fortune 1000 an average of $1.25 to $2.5 billion per year. More granularly, IDC estimates the average hourly cost of an infrastructure failure at $100,000/hr, but puts the hourly cost for the failure of a critical application between $500,000 to $1M/hr.  Many organizations are increasingly adopting cloud-based IT solutions and migrating on-premises workloads to public clouds. The motivation is clear, as cloud computing allows users to tap into a virtually unlimited pool of computing and storage resources.  The good news is that the demand for cloud services associated with backup and recovery is beginning to take flight.  Markets & Markets Research projects that the Cloud Storage market size is estimated to grow from USD 23.76 Billion in 2016 to USD 74.94 Billion by 2021, however this does include Primary Storage, Disaster Recovery & Backup Storage.


Oracle Cloud Service provides a robust solution to assist with maintaining the integrity of your database systems.  Part of the Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) portfolio, Oracle Database Backup Service is a cloud-based storage solution for Oracle Database backups.  This cost effective, scalable, low-cost backup solution can be used to consolidate storage infrastructure or as an integral part of a multi-tier database backup and recovery strategy.  Let’s take a look at some of the key use cases for Oracle Database Backup Service -

  1. Consolidation - Active or “Hot-Data” is typically maintained on high-performance, high-cost storage solutions, while less active or “Cold-Data” is moved to more cost-effective storage solutions.  Since industry trends such as federal regulations are mandating the storage of such data for longer periods of time, it’s imperative that companies find cost effective and scalable solutions.  Oracle Database Backup Service is ideal for organizations that wish to consolidate and virtualize their storage infrastructure as part of a move to the cloud.  Unlike traditional local storage solutions, cloud backups are immediately accessible whenever a restore is required.  And since cloud backups are accessible from anywhere via the Internet, the backups can be used to create clones for test, development, or QA environments, on-premises or in the cloud.
  2. Tiered Storage – As we stated above, primary storage includes new and “Hot-Data” from mission-critical applications and databases, while secondary data consists of 30-to 90-day-old data that needs to be kept on hand for business continuity or to meet specific regulations or legal compliance standards.  Oracle Database Backup Service gives you a whole new set of options for storing and maintaining these various tiers of data.  For example, you might perform backups to the Fast Recovery Area of local disk drives, then move data to either tier 2 storage or to the cloud. Likewise, for small, non-critical databases, cloud storage can serve as tier 1 storage. This strategy allows you to avoid purchasing, managing, and maintaining lots of disk and tape backup systems, while dramatically simplifying recovery operations.

Oracle Database Backup Service leverages the same infrastructure as other Oracle Cloud services including provisioning, identity management, administration, and monitoring. Seamless integration, convenience, and flexibility have already motivated many Oracle customers to adopt this service. It is a cost-effective alternative to writing, shipping, and storing data in tape vaults. This simple to use service offers several customer benefits –

  • No CapEx - Virtually unlimited scaling capacity with no up-front capital expenditures or hardware costs.
  • Simple & Fast – Use familiar skills and interfaces to easily store and backup databases in the Oracle cloud.  Leverage an easy to use online dashboard to monitor your service and see how much storage capacity you’ve consumed.  Benefit from seamless migration between on-premise and the public cloud.
  • Easy Provisioning of Test and Dev Environments – Since cloud backups are online, they can be used to quickly clone databases to create custom test, development, or QA environments.
  • End-to-End Security – Oracle cloud offers enterprise-grade data protection and privacy policies.  Your data is encrypted at the source (optionally compressed), securely transmitted to the cloud, and securely stored in the cloud. You keep the keys at your site, not in the cloud.
  • High Reliability - Whenever data is written to the Oracle Database Backup Service, it is replicated across multiple storage nodes in the cloud. Customers also benefit from a reduced vendor count, and end-to-end support from Oracle.       



Oracle’s Database Backup Service serves as the book-end to Oracle’s data management cloud services.  Complement your existing backup strategy with Oracle Database Backup Service to help reduce your data center costs, minimize risk, and ensure the continuity of business through constant access to your company’s data capital.  Your data is always available and always secure, and you can quickly increase storage capacity when needed. Below you will find several key resources including videos, solution briefs and demos to understand the value of this service.


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