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How to Eliminate Risk from Non-Production Databases

Manish Choudhary
Product Manager
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Do you want to extract actionable insights from your data? Do you want to make smarter business decisions and gain strategic advantage over your competitors? Do you worry about how to maximize the value of your data without putting it at risk and increasing the compliance boundary? If yes, read on.

Gut instincts are no longer sufficient if you want to be at the top of your game. Today, data-driven business decisions are the driving force behind the most successful organizations. To survive, innovate, and get ahead of the competition, organizations need to share snapshots of live production data with teams such as developers and data scientists so that they have access to realistic data to support their activities.

A significant percentage of this data is usually sensitive and personal such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, sales figures, and other personal or proprietary information. This data is gold and is the prime target of cyber criminals. Organizations face a dilemma. They want to use their data for business analytics, development, and other purposes, but at the same time they need to ensure data security and compliance with privacy regulations such as EU GDPR, PCI-DSS and HIPPA.

Is there a way to maximize the value of data while minimizing the security risk and compliance boundary? Data masking, also called “static data masking”, enables you to permanently alter data so that it is no longer sensitive. Masking sensitive data before it is handed over to development and analytics teams eliminates the risk of data breaches in non-production environments by irreversibly replacing the original sensitive data with realistic, but fictitious, data. It limits the avenues available for hackers to steal sensitive data and helps facilitate compliance with various regulatory requirements.

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Eliminating Risk from Non-Production Databases with Oracle 
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