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Freedom to Build - Announcing Oracle Cloud Free Tier with New Always Free Services and Always Free Oracle Autonomous Database

On Monday, September 16th, 2019, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) received a major update that enables students, professional developers, and anyone looking to jumpstart their next big idea to build, test, and deploy applications on Oracle Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Database free of charge for an unlimited time. This update adds a new set of Always Free services to OCI – including Always Free Oracle Autonomous Database – and converges them with Oracle’s existing $300, 30-day Free Trial program into a new unified Free Tier now available worldwide.

How to Sign Up
Getting started with Free Tier, which includes Always Free services and the Free Trial, is easy via a single streamlined sign up. Recognized Oracle users who sign up for Free Tier will see an accelerated onboarding flow with fewer verification steps and no requirement to enter a credit card. For example, students and educators in Oracle Academy; attendees at Oracle OpenWorld and Oracle Code One; designated Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassadors; and prospective customers engaged with Oracle Sales all can sign up without a credit card. Other new users must provide a credit card during sign up for identification purposes only.

You can sign up and get started with Always Free services in less than 5 minutes. Simply open the Free Tier webpage at oracle.com/cloud/free and click on the prominent button for signing up. Note while you are signing up, the second step asks you to select a “Home Region”. This is important because Always Free services run only in your home region, and you cannot change it after the account is created. Make sure to click the displayed Regions link, review global data centers where your desired Always Free services are available, and select the home region that works best.

Current paying customers who use Oracle Universal Credits and run in a supported commercial OCI Data Region will see new Always Free services added to their accounts automatically – no new sign up required.

Always Free Services - What’s Included
The new Always Free services that are part of Free Tier cover essential IaaS and PaaS technologies, providing generous resources for free as long as they are used. A summary of Always Free service shapes and specifications available at launch time is below. Not only do these Always Free services run on Oracle’s high-performance mission critical cloud infrastructure, they also incorporate Oracle’s premier cloud database: Oracle Autonomous Database.

What You Can Do with Always Free Oracle Autonomous Database
Always Free Oracle Autonomous Database delivers a comprehensive database experience, plus built-in tools for developers, administrators, and data scientists – now entirely free. It is a multi-model database for virtually any type of data (including relational, JSON, spatial, graph, multimedia, XML, files, and more) and any interface (full SQL, REST data access, and drivers for popular programming languages). The service supports both Autonomous Transaction Processing and Autonomous Data Warehouse workload types. It includes development tools such as SQL Developer Web for SQL and PL/SQL scripting, along with powerful command-line utilities. Developers also get a fully managed instance of Oracle APEX for rapidly building and deploying low-code apps with a modern aesthetic for mobile and desktop browsers. For data scientists, an included SQL notebook assists with creating Machine Learning models.

What You Can Do with Always Free Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services
Always Free Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services include general purpose compute VMs; block, object, and archive storage; and a load balancer. You also get an allocation of free outbound data transfer, monitoring, and notifications. Together with Always Free Oracle Autonomous Database, users can leverage this bundle of free services to develop and deploy applications in diverse languages and frameworks, and to test drive enterprise infrastructure capabilities such as load balancing and storage cloning.

In Conclusion
Adding it all up, Oracle Cloud Free Tier with new Always Free services and Always Free Oracle Autonomous Database is a breakthrough for developers of all kinds. With easy sign up, a range of useful services, and full Oracle Autonomous Database, developers have the resources to build enterprise class solutions in the cloud quickly and at no cost. And best of all, because it is Always Free, they can do it without worry of losing work at a deadline set by their cloud provider. These new Always Free services greatly expand developers’ freedom to build.

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To learn more, visit oracle.com/cloud/free.

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Oracle Cloud’s New Free Tier and Always Free Oracle Autonomous Database
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