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Forecast the Cost Benefits of Oracle Database Cloud Service with the New TCO Calculator

Edgar Haren
Principal Product Marketing Director

When looking to migrate a workload to the cloud, one of the first business challenges can be quantifying the business value of the proposed move to the cloud. Many organizations are looking for tools that will help them build the business case for their management.  Oracle's Data Management Cloud Services team has recently launched their new Total Cost of Ownership calculator to help organizations get a detailed break-down of the potential cost savings they would see by moving their on-premises database deployments to Oracle's Database Cloud Service.  The TCO calculator will provide side-by-side compares with an equivalent on-premises deployment, as well as proving a detailed report of one's potential costs savings by compute, storage, software and facility expenditures.

Here are the simple steps to using the new tool -

1. First, go to the TCO Tool by clicking here:

2. Once there click on the "Start Now" arrow

3. Now, you will need to input your company name, select a location and a currency type

4. Following step #3, you will simply need to input your on-premises core and storage values.  I have used 32 cores and 20TB for this demo.  As you can see, you will immediately get a snap-shot to the right of your potential savings via Oracle Cloud.  You can now click on the Blue tab to see a detailed break down of the assumptions used in the calculator, and to edit any metrics.  For instance, the calculator is pre-set at a 3YR TCO calculation, but one could enter into the editing fields and change the value to a single year.  Once ready, you can also click on the Orange tab to see and download the detailed report.

5. In the next frame, you will see the detailed breakdown by cost segment, and a synopsis on the top, as well as graphical depiction to the left.  Users can still edit the sections or finally go to the view results tab.

6.  Once you click on "view results" you will come to the download page.  Here you will have the option to access other informational assets, or continue to the download the detailed PDF report of your results.

Your detailed report will provide you with graphical representations as well as a full break-down of the assumptions and metrics used to calculate the TCO results.

I hope you find the tool helpful, and for more information on Oracle's Data Management Cloud Services, please see the links below.



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