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Ilona Gabinsky
Principal Product Marketing Manager

What would you consider your most valuable resource today? What about the world’s? Turns out they are one and the same: data. According to the Economist, data has replaced oil as the world’s most valuable resource. During every millisecond of our IT world, data is being collected on nearly every activity, creating a virtually limitless resource with equally unlimited demand.

The New Data Economy

Data drives improvement to products and services, which drives stronger customer adoption, resulting in even more data collection. The more data Tesla can collect on its self-driving cars, the better the cars will perform, and the better Tesla will outperform its competitors. This new data economy has changed the competitive landscape of the tech world. Whoever can acquire the most data the fastest—whether they collect it on their own or purchase it elsewhere—stands to win.

But this new wealth of data comes with equally expensive risks. With every opportunity to collect more data comes the opportunity for hackers to steal it.  Cyber attacks the likes of Equifax or WannaCry cost companies billions, including potential hardship imposed on lives of individuals. Needless to say, companies stand to lose more than just money in the face of a cyber attack—a major breach can tarnish a company’s image, damaged credibility weaken consumer confidence, causing lasting damage to their brand and reputation.

Cyber Risk is Growing

Smart companies aren’t preparing for the “if” of a cyber attack, but the “when,” because hackers are constantly on the lookout to steal or compromise data. In a world where the next cyber attack could strike at any time, causing a data breach that costs your company millions, how should your company defend itself? Even the most secure firewalls, intrusion detection, and data loss prevention solutions can’t protect against an employee accidentally downloading malware by clicking on the wrong email, a security patch in a timely manner or a simple misconfiguration that leaves an entire database open to intrusion. You could hire an army of IT security professionals, but even they wouldn’t be able to manage the tens of thousands of security alerts that come into most security operations centers from today’s hybrid IT systems. Simply put, if you can’t protect your data, your company, —and your job—are at risk.

But what if you could automate the fight? Get ahead of the hacker with a built-in army of “robot cyber warriors” to protect your data automatically, have all patches automatically applied, configurations self-tuned and optimized?

Protect Your Data from the Inside Out

Last October, Oracle introduced world’s first Autonomous Self-Securing Database. Oracle Autonomous Database is designed with built-in adaptive machine learning to protect you from external hackers as well as malicious internal users. It encrypts all of your data, automatically—ensuring comprehensive data protection. It applies security updates, automatically—while your system is running – with no down time.

24/7 Data Protection

How many unpatched IT asset does your company have right now? Even one is too many, because if it is detected, it can be exploited. Oracle Autonomous Database patches itself as soon as available, without relying on humans remembering to apply . We all know that unpatched systems leave companies open to attack, yet sometimes leaving security vulnerabilities unaddressed is a company’s only option. Your IT team needs time to bring the system down, patch it, and get it up and running again. During every minute of that time, all of your applications, databases, software, and servers are vulnerable to hackers to exploit. With Oracle Autonomous Database, patching happens automatically, while the system is running--without any downtime.

Secure Your Tomorrow Today

Protecting the value of your most valuable assets has never been more important. And it’s something even the most powerful IT security team can’t do on their own. By facing the reality of a potential data breach with the power of a virtual cyber robot army, you protect your data, your brand, and your reputation. Oracle Autonomous Database eliminates the chance of human error, protects your data from intentional or external malicious actors. You can’t stop a hacker from trying, but with Oracle Autonomous Database, you will always stop them from succeeding.

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