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Do you want innovation or product breadth? Oracle Database is tops in both, a data security industry report finds

Jeffrey Erickson
Director of Tech Content

Analyst firm Kuppinger Cole has reaffirmed for its clients that Oracle is the top innovator and overall leader in data security for the third consecutive year. Find resources below for securing your own digital systems.

In 2021, if you work with your company’s digital systems, you know that data security is a top concern. Tech advisory firm, Kuppinger Cole recently looked across the database industry to help its clients make better choices for the tools they use to manage and secure data. The firm looked at products and services that protect data from every form of compromise, whether that’s simple human error or inappropriate access privileges, or more overt threats like malware, phishing, and other types of cyberattacks. Kuppinger Cole also studied how the technology can help improve compliance with a raft of regulation about data protection and privacy. In their published report, Leadership Compass: Database and Big Data Security (.pdf), the firm found that Oracle is once again the overall leader. 

Oracle is the overall data security leader

When looking at tech products, companies often have to choose between getting a broad and well-established product, or going for innovation from an upstart. Kuppinger Cole ranks Oracle as the leader for both breadth of offering and innovation—while AWS and Microsoft Azure are tied for 7th place.  

From the report: “The breadth of the company’s database security portfolio is impressive: With multiple protection and detection products and managed services covering all aspects of database assessment, protection, monitoring, and compliance, Oracle Database Security can address the most complex customer requirements, both on-premises and in the cloud.”

A key component of the Oracle’s continued leadership, said the report, is its pace of innovation, led by the Oracle Autonomous Database. The report also noted that, "...both AWS and Microsoft are large and respectable cloud service providers, databases and database security are not their primary focus.”

Oracle is the innovation leader

Oracle Autonomous Database “completely automates provisioning, management, tuning, and upgrade processes of database instances without any downtime, not just substantially increases security and compliance of sensitive data stored in Oracle databases but makes a compelling argument for moving this data to the Oracle cloud,” says the report.

In 2020, the company has expanded its autonomous offering by introducing new features within Autonomous Databases (such as JSON) as well as additional on-prem and cloud-based security services like [Autonomous] Data Guard for disaster protection.”

Perhaps the most notable addition to Oracle’s offerings, notes the report, “is the Data Safe service for comprehensive database risk assessment, including configuration drift detection, user risk assessment, activity audit, sensitive data discovery, and static masking.” The report also notes that Oracle offers full feature parity for Autonomous Database in the cloud, on-premises, and via Oracle Cloud@Customer, its “managed private cloud service.”

Read Kuppinger Cole’s full report.

As the report makes clear, there is plenty at Oracle to help protect data in your digital systems. Here are resources to begin taking advantage of those resources:

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