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Cloud Day: What’s Possible and Where to Start

Ron Craig
Senior Principal Product Marketing Director

Want to get a peek into the future of modern IT? Then, come to Oracle Cloud Day, says Dain Hansen, VP of Product Marketing for IaaS and PaaS at Oracle. After speaking at Oracle Cloud Day events in Boston and Chicago last year, Hansen said that one of the things he liked best about the event was that it gave people a real view into what their future could be. 

“Imagine a world where everything is automated. You can use AI to power the next level of insights, or you can build a modern application that you can talk to just like you talk to your phone,” Hansen said. “Those are things that we want people to experience. We want them to get first-hand knowledge of and use and touch and see what’s possible.” 

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This year, Hansen said, it’s all about how to use data to get a leg up—on the competition and in your career. 

“You’re going to see all kinds of ways to use your data,” Hansen said.

Oracle Cloud Day will take a broad, yet detailed, look at all things data—how to manage it, how to secure it, how to draw insights from it, and how to create applications and services that use it in new ways.

But with so much to see at Oracle Cloud Day and so many new technologies to take in, we asked Hansen, “How does someone get the most from Oracle Cloud Day?”

Here are Hansen’s three tips.

Discover the Best Way to Do What You’re Trying to Do

Because there’s so much expertise on hand, Oracle Cloud Day is the perfect place to get information on best practices. Hansen recommends focusing first on what you’re trying to do within your organization, then finding the best way to do it.

If you’re a security person, maybe you want to learn about the latest security threats or figure out the best way to secure your data across cloud and on premises. If you’re an apps IT person, maybe you want to hear about the best way to migrate an application to the cloud.

Whatever it is, zero in on that topic, seek out the best way to do it, and take a look at how Oracle can help. Oracle Cloud Day is a great venue to experience technologies first hand and talk to experts about how they can help you with not only your needs, but the needs of your business as a whole.

Decide What You’re Going to Learn Next

Once you’ve identified how you can address your current needs, take a look at the horizon. What’s next?

“Everyone is always trying to learn something. Even for me, I’m always trying to study and see what I need to pick up on,” Hansen said.

Because of its emphasis on modern IT and the breadth of Oracle technology, Cloud Day is a great place to get up to date on what’s next for you and your business.

Hear From People Already Doing It

Maybe one of the best things about Cloud Day, Hansen said, is that attendees get to hear from companies already reaching their goals. Cloud Day will be packed with real-life stories told by customers who have made the journey.

“Customers don’t mess around. They don’t mince words. They tell it like it is. And that’s one thing that I don’t want anyone to miss is to hear what our customers say about what they’re doing,” Hansen said.

With 15 sessions across three tracks—Modernizing Data Management, Modernizing Applications, and Transforming Business with Analytics and AI—plus the Developer Playground, industry experts and partners in the Innovation Lounge, and a keynote that brings it all together, there are plenty of opportunities to track down all the information you need for what you’re doing today and what you’ll want to do tomorrow.

Now that you know how to make the most of your time at Cloud Day, don’t forget to register. For more information about Oracle Cloud Day, visit the Oracle Cloud Day website.

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