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Building Upon More Secure Databases with Oracle Autonomous Database

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Author: Maywun Wong

My kids love Legos, those building blocks that click together to make taller and stronger structures.  Many of the sets created a building, a ship, or a plane, and then my kids would add other Lego pieces to strengthen it such that they could play more with the toy.  With each addition, the toy inherited new capabilities and reinforced the strength. 

The same can be said for the strength of the Oracle database.  In the past 40 years, as Oracle has released new databases which can support increasingly larger organizations with more complex security requirements, each following generation of Oracle databases inherit and build on the features of its predecessor. 

Today, Oracle is a leader in the database market; we built upon that database legacy and have expanded to the cloud, applications, and infrastructure.  We continue to sell our Oracle Database in many forms, including on-premises, Oracle Database Cloud Service, and in all of the forms of Exadata (on-premise, Cloud at Customer, and Cloud Service), and all of them have strong security built into their technology.  Autonomous Database, both data warehouse and transaction processing, inherits many of the strengths of the rest of the Oracle databases and, with its name, adds autonomous capabilities extending to its security. 

I had an opportunity to sit down in a podcast with Russ Lowenthal, Director of Product Management, to discuss security on the Autonomous Database in our recent podcast “How Can a Database Secure Itself?”  During the podcast, he outlines the self-securing capabilities of the Autonomous Database and how Oracle has built upon its non-Autonomous Database, making it closer to a Software as a Service model.  He shares what differentiates the security of the Autonomous Database from the non-Autonomous Database, including self-patching, automatic encryption, and the shared responsibility model between Oracle and our customers.  All of these capabilities combined, along with many other security capabilities unique only to Autonomous Database, help build the next generation of databases for our customers. 

I encourage you to download the latest podcast in the Autonomous Database podcast series, where you can learn more about the self-securing capabilities of the Autonomous Database as well as many other leading features which make Oracle’s latest offering unique. 


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