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Best Wishes to Tom Kyte on His Retirement.

Tom Kyte has worked for Oracle Corporation for more than twenty years.  For nearly 15 of those 20 years, he has been answering your questions on AskTom and sharing his broad, deep knowledge of Oracle Database with the Oracle community. Tom has now begun a much earned retirement.

Do you have a favorite story of how Tom Kyte helped you achieve success with Oracle Database?  Would you like to simply thank Tom for his years of sharing expertise with our community?  Now's your chance!

The AskTom team is collating all your tributes and will present them to Tom.  A selection of the tributes will also be published on Ask Tom, so if you would prefer that your message remain private, please indicate on the form - but be assured - Tom will still see it.

Share YOUR Tom Kyte story!

My share.

As a young precompiler/OCI (yes, pre-PL/SQL days) and kernel support rep, I kept getting calls from this east coast guy named Tom.  Who was this guy and why did he ask so many questions?!  After the years went on and I met him at one of the internal development-sales-support meetings - I noticed he ALWAYS asked about the new database feature, why it was implemented in that way and how the developers thought it would be used.  In reflection, he was always trying to figure out how our customers were going to best use the feature for their benefit. 

As you might know, Oracle has grown quite large over the years.  For me, Tom was one of the internal go-to guys I could always count on to answer a quick email, offer quiet encouragement or share a good joke. I wish Tom only the best.  He's been a valued colleague and will be greatly missed.

There are some SQL titans in place that I know will fill his shoes.   AskTom, led by Chris Saxon and Connor MacDonald, is in great hands.  In the short time I've known them - they have the same sense of feature curiosity and customer caring.  I encourage you to get to know them!  Follow @chrisrsaxon and @connor_mc_d on twitter!  Check out their blogs.  These guys rack up the miles and attend A LOT of events - try to meet them in person at a local developer event near you!

As with Scott/Tiger and Dr. DBA; AskTom is woven into the Oracle Database DNA as a gentle reminder of our colleagues. 

Please, please don't ever change the name!



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Comments ( 10 )
  • Jishar Saturday, November 26, 2016
    Tons of thanks for all the support...really you are a complete solution provider for all our Oracle queries..Wishing you all success, health and happiness...
  • Amin Sunday, December 4, 2016
    Legends never retire, they still there. They are engraved in everyone mind. They can't be taken away.

    I had never attend a training for Oracle DB because of askTom. They only one I attended was for Tom himself in London. He showed me how to think like the developer of the kernel and how to simplify it to the customer. It was a very remarkable 2 days. I ended them by having his book signed, that was another thing that is unforgettable too.

    Part of earning in life is because of him, and many like me too.

    Wish you the best Tom.
  • sam jacob Thursday, February 16, 2017
    Tom has been a very helpful resource of oracle. He helped in answering many questions I posted in asktom site. I will be missing him for sure. I wish him a happy retirement and I am very sad that he is retiring. Wish you Tom all the best and God bless you and your family
  • Allen Shepard Friday, March 31, 2017
    No matter how high Tom rose, he remained one of us. We even call him Tom. Yes there was the cup of coffee in hand. He shared his understanding and tolerated many questions and assumptions. Meeting each like a stereotypical Kung Fu master “Basics. Proof. Fact. Repeatability. “ Tom never said “The hand or code that moves with the objects flies fastest” but I thought it in one of his lectures. “Change your database, not your code”
    Tom came to smaller cities. He came to us understanding we can not always come to him: the “mountain of knowledge”
    Tom’s answers where answers. Let me explain my answer. Tom’s blog has entries from 2000 that are just as accurate and relevant today as they were sixteen years ago. For computer techies the year 2000 seems “medieval” 1980 is prehistoric.
    Lastly, Tom was never a jerk. Yea that sounds like a pretty low bar to cross. Thinking of other “famous” or techie people I know, I hope he talks it as both a compliment and a rare achievement.
  • Biju George Thursday, July 27, 2017
    I am unable to comprehend this event and feel dejected for knowing it this late. I never thought Sir Tom would hang up his boots. I hope he didn't because for all of us creatures in the Oracle world, Sir Tom is the Zeus. Thank you for everything.
  • Tony Saturday, December 30, 2017
    Better late than never....Tom really deserves my sincere thanks and best wishes..
    Today I was cleaning my stuff, and found some documents relating to AskTom of few years back - when I was actively participating in the discussions. Since I moved to different area, so got out of touch with the site. But today as my memories got refreshed, I thought to check the site, it came to my surprise that Tom got retired…..
    Tom's quick response to questions was better than one could imagine... and that too with example, so that it is easy to understand. The passion with which he was answering questions was clearing articulating his authority on the subject, and some times I used to wonder, how much a person could know about Oracle! As a talented person, I am sure he has made the right decision, and must be doing best - whatever he is doing now…(apologies I am late in acknowledging the amazing help you have provided to me and many others..)

    With Best Wishes

  • Ajeet Ojha Thursday, January 25, 2018
    I read this blog late, and I am thinking that this news is a great loss of all Oracle developers,architects ( I assuming Tom will also stop answering, interacting on AskTom ), I think I am one of many pepole who can easily give a larger share of our success as Oracle developer, architect to Tom without even thinking twice.
    Its not easy , not easy at all to become like Tom kyte, everything is just so great about him - his knowledge, his ability to answer question like a true mentor, sometime he even scold folks in forum but the focus or goal has always been enable pepole to learn more and more. now technologies are changing I wish, Tom would just change his focus on things like cloud, analytics and anything he likes and play the same or similar role which he has played for years for entire oracle community.

    Thank you Tom and wish you all the best.
  • Yusan Triananda Tuesday, July 24, 2018
    One of the most knowledgeable database guy,
    that explain by showing.
    You will be missed.
  • Chinmai Jha Monday, August 27, 2018
    I started my career as oracle developer twelve years back because I knew that whenever I would got stuck in anywhere, there will be a person who would be always ready to take out from there. We are just tiny particle which shines in oracle's universe because of presence of SUN (means, our TOM sir).
    There is no word to salute your service from bottom of our heart.
  • Dennis Jorgensen Saturday, January 12, 2019
    My Tom Story - Who is this Guy?
    I was trying to teach myself Oracle and had no one to help me and no books. This was in the pre-AskTom, dial-up modem days. My self-learning was usually done late at night. I found a obscure blog-like site related to Oracle and posted my obscure, complex question. Out of the blue I get a COMPLETE answer for some guy named Tom Kyte who claims to work for Oracle! Who is this guy answering questions from strangers in the middle of the night? Who does this, gives away knowledge to strangers? Well thousands of budding Oracle developers and DBAs found out. It was a generous man named Tom.

    I spent part of my career as a systems programmer for DEC's DEC-10 system. The gurus of the environment were famous for saying to most questions, "RTFM". Never heard that once from Tom, even when it probably was appropriate. Even those posters on AskTom who tried to provoke Tom, almost always failed.

    I salute you Tom!
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