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Autonomous vs. Automated

Ilona Gabinsky
Principal Product Marketing Manager

The invention of the telephone in 1876 made an immense impact on human communication, paving the wave for an explosion of inventions and business opportunities.

In the late 1970s the dawn of the personal computer ushered in an even more intimate connection with technology. The Internet became the ultimate technological disruption in 1991, when it enabled easy communication around the globe with personalized content delivery.

Fast-forward to 2007 when the iPhone let us carry our computer in our pocket and engage with technology anytime, anywhere. Since then, technological disruption has been the norm, not the exception, driven in large part by advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. In 2008, Tesla made the dream of the electric car real, and just last year Elon Musk showcased the first fully autonomous self-driving car.

When it comes to cars, some might think of autonomous, automated, and self-driving as interchangeable terms, but there’s a critical difference to note. An automated car allows drivers to take control of limited functions—think cruise control—but the driver still must keep overall manual control of the vehicle. Whereas an autonomous car eliminates the need for human interaction so the driver can sit back and enjoy the ride—reducing the stress of commute, and giving them a chance to focus on other important activities. And it’s all thanks to AI that an autonomous car has a level of intelligence and independence that only machine learning can bring.

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence with the sophistication to discover hidden opportunities, accelerate tedious processes, and identify which data insights matter. And the good news is that it’s not limited to cars.

At Oracle OpenWorld last year, Oracle Chairman of the Board and CTO Larry Ellison unveiled his vision for the world’s first autonomous database cloud that is self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing. "This is the most important thing Oracle has done in a long, long time. The same way self-driving cars open a new world of possibilities in our life, self-driving database will bring the world of technology to a different level – reduced risk & cost, unprecedented availability, performance, security, flexibility."

Building on the next generation of the industry-leading Oracle Database 18c, the Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud uses ground-breaking machine learning to eliminate human labor, human error, and manual tuning. The result? Unprecedented availability, high performance, and security, all for a much lower cost.

The Oracle Autonomous Database is “self-driving,” meaning that it autonomously upgrades and patches itself while running. No human intervention required.

The Oracle Autonomous Database, like the technological innovation that proceeded it, didn’t just happen overnight.  Oracle has been developing sophisticated database automation for decades, and invested thousands of engineer years automating key database functions, as this journey map shows.

Oracle Database 18c is the latest generation of the world’s most popular database is now available. It provides businesses of all sizes with access to the worlds fastest, most scalable, and reliable technology.

Oracle’s self-driving database disrupts the world of database management in the same way self-driving changes the way we commute and revolutionizing the transportation industry. What does it mean for Oracle customers when the World’s #1 Database becomes the World’s 1st Autonomous Database? The payoff is huge. Because no human intervention is needed, the Oracle Autonomous Database eliminates mundane management tasks, reduces labor, costs, and errors, all while increasing security and availability.

Game changing technologies of the past such as the phone, computer and the internet fundamentally changed lives and set a course to open new opportunities, innovations, allowing us to dream big. The Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud is revolutionizing how data is managed, enabling faster, easier data access, helping to unlock the potential of your data so your business can benefit – and dream big.

Read more about the Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud.

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