OracleNext Podcast | January 8, 2019

Database as the Killer App of the Cloud and Machine Learning Era

By: Barb Darrow | Senior Director of Communications, Oracle


Databases may not be as visible to normal consumers as word processors or mobile apps, but they play an outsized role in everyone's daily life. All of our banking and retail transactions rely on databases which also, by the way, are key to running all those cool apps.

You can learn more about this from Juan Loaiza, who joins us for this edition of the Oracle Iconoclasts with podcast hosts Barb Darrow and Michael Hickins.

Loaiza has spent 30 years working on databases at Oracle where he is now executive vice president of Mission Critical Database technology. Anyone who has a question about the history of databases and why they are critical in the age of cloud could do no better than to buttonhole Loaiza. So we did.

Check out his chat in which he discusses topics including:

  • Why we're not hearing as much about NoSQL (not-only-SQL) databases as we did three or four years ago.
  • How the advent of cloud computing has made the use of databases much less a do-it-yourself project than in the past. Now you buy a database without having to assemble a server, network, and storage—you run it when needed and pay as you go.
  • And how the creative use of machine learning makes databases—always good at tracking historical events—much better at predicting future activity as well.
  • The advantages autonomous databases bring to business customers.

The OracleNext Podcast can be found at Oracle.com and SoundCloud. And for more on Loaiza specifically, check out videos here and here.

Senior Director of Communications, Oracle

Barbara Darrow is senior director of communications for Oracle. She spent 30 years as a reporter writing about technology and the business of technology most recently at Fortune Magazine and Gigaom. 

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