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  • June 27, 2014

Welcome and Overview of Data Visualizations in ADF 12.1.3

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Welcome to the Oracle Data Visualization blog!

In this blog, you can expect to see articles on the latest features in Oracle Data Visualizations, tips and tricks for using the components, and more.

Overview of Data Visualizations in ADF 12.1.3

The ADF Data Visualizations deliver responsive interactivity and animation across
a broad set of industry leading HTML5 components, including:

  • 30+ Chart types, including spark charts, dual-y, and stacked varieties
  • Gauges: Dial, LED, Rating, and Status Meter
  • Gantt Charts: Project, Resource Utilization and Scheduling
  • Maps: Geographic and Thematic
  • And Many Others: Diagram, Hierarchy Viewer, Pivot Table, Sunburst, Timeline and Treemap 

DVT gallery on the iPad

In the latest release of JDeveloper (12.1.3), we have introduced a number of new features in Data Visualizations, which are discussed below.

New DVT Client Side Charting Solution

The New DVT Client Side Charting Solution provides the following benefits:

  • Client Side Resizing: Ability to resize and fit to containers without the need to go back to the server for layout.  
  • Improved Server Scalability: Layout is offloaded to the client, reducing server workload and increasing scalability of applications.
  • Rich Set of Features:

    • Over 30+ chart types
    • Redesigned zoom and scroll
    • Marquee zoom and selection
    • Redesigned Time axis
    • Hide and show series and ability to change layout with client side rescale
    • Improved data labeling

New Gauges are now focused on the stamping use cases and
support input. Gauge types include: LED, status meter, dial, and the new
rating gauge.

new gauges

Thematic Map New Features

Thematic Map is a visualization that allows the user to see business data in geographical context.

New features in 12.1.3 include:

  • Area layer styling and marker zoom behavior:
Global GDP map

  • The new marker rotation feature:
flight tracker
  • Ability to display isolated areas:
isolated area
  • Support for custom base maps:

New Visualization: Diagram

Diagram can be used to visualize different sets of
data by displaying nodes and relationships between them. Diagram is
currently available as a runtime-only component, and provides a
pluggable framework for the application developers to define custom
layouts in javascript. Design time for Diagram will be available in a future release.

Diagram is a very powerful component that can be used to create very different visualizations, such as this arc Diagram:

Arc Diagram

Stay tuned for more in-depth articles on working with Diagram from Oracle guru Duncan Mills, and more tips and tricks on working with the new Charts and other Data Visualizations.

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