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  • April 6, 2016

New Data Visualization Features in Oracle MAF 2.3

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Oracle Mobile Application Framework 2.3 release is now available and contains a number of new features, including support for Windows platform and built-in integration with MCS Analytics. Consult this blog article for a complete list of new features.

The new Data Visualization features include:

  • Range Charts: Range area and range bar charts help visualize datasets with varying low/high values.

  • Hierarchical labels can now be used to display hierarchical data on the categorical axis charts. For more details about hierarchical labels, please see this blog article on the Oracle JET blog.

  • Ability
    to individually style the categorical axis labels allows for
    emphasizing specific groups, which is a lot more useful than styling the
    labels as a whole. Tooltips are now also supported for categorical axis

  • Standalone legend can now be used with shared attribute
    groups to display colors consistently across data visualization
    components. This helps with achieving one of the primary best practices
    related to using multiple data visualizations, which is that all
    components should consistently represent the data and that they should
    behave as a cohesive dashboard rather than a set of independent

  • Support for specifying labels and label styles for markers on the GeographicMap component
  • A number of enhancements are now supported in Gauge components:
    • Status Meter Gauge:
      Ability to specify border and color for plot area, string title, corner
      radius and border, displaying indicator wider than the plot area
    • Circular Status Meter Gauge: Ability to control the radius, start angle and angle extent

    • Support for human shapes for Rating Gauge and Led Gauge
    • Vertical orientation for Rating Gauge

For more details on Gauge configuration consult JET blog articles Introduction to Gauges Part 1: Status Meter Options and Best Practices and Introduction to Gauges Part 2: Circular Status Meter.

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