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  • June 24, 2016

JDeveloper and ADF Released With New Visualization Features

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JDeveloper and ADF are now available for download on Oracle Technology Network. Even though this is a patchset release on top of (released last October), we are happy to report that there are a number of new Data Visualization features that made their way to ADF from JET Data Visualizations.

  • New visualization: Picto Chart uses discrete icons
    to visualize an absolute number or relative sizes. It is extensively
    used in infographics as a more interesting and effective way to present
    numerical information than traditional tables and lists. Read more about PictoChart in ADF in this doc chapter.

  • picto chart

  • New visualization: Tag Cloud provides visual representation for text data, typically used to visualize free form text or tag metadata for a website. Read more abut Tag Cloud in this doc chapter.

  • New Chart type: Stock Chart
    is useful for displaying information about a stock on a time axis.
    Unique to stock charts is the candlestick series which allows for
    displaying open, close, high, low information for the stock price. Read more about Stock Chart in ADF in this doc chapter.
stock chart
  • Range Series Type: Range area and range bar charts help visualize data sets with varying low/high values (doc link).

range bar chart

  • Hierarchical labels can now be used to display hierarchical data on the categorical axis charts (doc link)

hierarchical labels

  • Chart Axis now supports logarithmic axis scale.
  • Drilling can
    now be enabled on the chart data items, series, and groups. This causes
    a drill event to be fired when the user performs the drill interaction.
    The application can listen to this event to update the chart with the
    appropriate drilled data.
  • Ability to individually style the categorical axis labels
    allows for emphasizing specific groups, which is a lot more useful than
    styling the labels as a whole. Tooltips are now also supported for
    categorical axis labels.

    categrical axis label styling

    A number of enhancements are now supported in Gauge components:
    • Status
      Meter Gauge: Ability to specify border and color for plot area, string
      title, corner radius and border, displaying indicator wider than the
      plot area (doc link)
    • Circular Status Meter Gauge: Ability to control the radius, start angle and angle extent

    • Support for human shapes for Rating Gauge and Led Gauge
    • Vertical orientation for Rating Gauge

You can read about other new features in JDeveloper and key themes for the release in this post by Shay Shmeltzer and the New Features document, and play with the ADF Faces Rich Client demo to learn more about the new features in ADF Faces and Data Visualization components.

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