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  • February 4, 2016

Data Visualizations FAQ and New Data Visualization Articles on the JET Blog

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Check out the latest data visualization articles on the Oracle JET Blog!

The Data Visualization FAQ provides pointers to answers to many questions about DVT components, such as which visualizations to use for which data sets, best practices, and more.

For our ADF and MAF customers, here are some very relevant articles that will help you with the common issues across the frameworks:

1. Which visualization should I use for percentage data sets?

Blog article: Parts of a Whole: Visualizations for Percentage Data Sets

2. How do I show integers on the Y axis?

Blog article: How to Configure Charts for Integer Data

Please note: The article talks about using minStep attribute in JET. For ADF or MAF users, the corresponding attribute on the yAxis tag is minimumIncrement.

3. How do I format my status meter gauge?

Blog article: Introduction to Gauges Part 1: Status Meter Options and Best Practices

Please note: the articles talk about formatting in JET, but all the functionality is also supported in ADF and MAF.

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