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  • October 17, 2014

Data Visualizations at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

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This year at OpenWorld the Oracle Data Visualizations had a strong representation
with two DVT focused sessions, two hands-on labs, and our
visualizations featured across the board in Thomas Kurian's
keynote, Chris Tonas' general session, several MAF sessions, and a
number of sessions that featured DVT in our internal customer
products. We also had a strong presence from the DVT development team with
Hugh Zhang, Amy Dai, and Jairam Ramanathan who did a great job co-presenting with
Duncan Mills and myself on our two DVT sessions.

Oracle Alta UI

One of the most exciting announcements from our point of view was the launch of Oracle Alta UI in Chris Tonas's General Session: Next-Generation Application Development—The Mobile and Cloud Effect.

Oracle Alta UI is not just a new skin, it is a new approach for designing modern UIs for Mobile, Cloud and Web applications. The key points of Oracle Alta UI are: designing for mobile platforms first, responsive layout, and clean and simplified look that emphasizes key information using Data Visualizations.

Oracle Alta UI resources are now available at http://bit.ly/oraclealta. We published a set of design patterns and provided demos based on an HR scenario called WorkBetter demo for Mobile Application Framework and ADF. Our ADF Faces WorkBetter demo is hosted here.

Work Better iPad

Here are photos of our VP Chris Tonas demoing the WorkBetter Faces application, a showcase app for the new Oracle Alta UI.

WorkBetter demo 1

WorkBetter demo 2

In the photos below, our VP Chris Tonas is demonstrating the responsive layout features by resizing the browser which causes our page layout to switch from horizontal to vertical. The Info Tiles switch to display in a vertical column and the DVT Timeline switches its display to vertical. 

WorkBetter demo 3

Work Better demo 4

DVT Focused Sessions

On Monday Jairam and Duncan presented a session titled Diagram-Based UIs in Oracle ADF: A Giant Leap Forward, featuring a lot of great Diagram demos and sample code,
including a new demo on how to progressively build a Sankey
diagram by Jairam. We had more than  80 customers attending this session,
and a lot of interest after the session.

Sankey Diagram

Our general DVT session: 

The Picture That Paints a Thousand Words: Data Visualization on Web and Mobile was on Wednesday, presented by Hugh Zhang, Amy Dai,
and myself. We had very good attendance with 78 people in the
audience. We started with an overview of DVT components,
relationship with Oracle Alta UI, use cases and internal customers, including demos Election Across
Components and Election Across Time.

I then introduced and gave demos of the new
components: Diagram and NBox.

Hugh then took over giving an overview of our new Charting
solution, demos of the upcoming Chart features and roadmap.

Amy took over to present the latest features in Thematic Map, and
then demoed some of our upcoming features, including DVT mashups, to a great delight by
the audience.

We concluded by pointing the customers to our collateral, DVT
blog, WorkBetter app samples and hands-on labs which were
scheduled after our session.

Related Sessions

It was fortunate that our session was scheduled right after
Laura Akel (PM) and Richard Wright (UX)'s session:

Modern UI Design: Implementing Oracle’s Best Practices in Your Applications which focused on the Oracle Alta UI and implementation of the WorkBetter Alta sample in ADF Faces. That session was standing room only and there was a lot of interest from customers in the new Oracle Alta UI and related sample applications.

Another great session for Data Visualizations was Building Performant Mobile Apps with Amazing UIs, Using Oracle Mobile Application Framework, presented by our PM Director Denis Tyrell and MAF PM Srini Indla on Wednesday afternoon. This session covered tips and tricks and best practices for building
highly performant mobile apps with really cool UIs, using Oracle Mobile
Application Framework and featured some examples from the Work Better demo for MAF.

DVT hands-on labs  Developing Web and Mobile Dashboards with Oracle ADF were hosted by Frank Nimphius and myself in two time slots and were very well attended. Attendees learned how to create a dashboard page with ADF Faces, create a chart, change the bar colors and turn on zooming and scrolling via overview window, then create a circular status meter gauge, sunburst, Hierarchy Viewer, and Thematic Map. If you attended one of our labs and did not get to finish it, you can download the materials here.

You can download the slides for of all our ADF and MAF sessions at OOW here. To find the slides, click on the session you are interested in and look under "Presentation Download".

Drop us a note if you have any questions about Oracle Data Visualizations at OOW and we hope to see you next year!

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