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Language Model Changes as of JDK 7 Build 50

To date, there have been a few API changes to javax.lang.model.\* in JDK 7.
Early in the release,
SourceVersion.RELEASE_7 was added to correspond to any new source-level changes coming in JDK 7
(title="Add SourceVersion.RELEASE_7">6458819).
Eventually, there will be changes to support the modulue construct being added by JSR 294; changes may or may not be needed for language changes coming from
Project Coin and JSR 308. Once
modulues are added, the JSR 269 API elements meant to cope with the
expression problem will be tested.
In the mean time, some minor API cleanups have occurred,
one to make handling exceptions easier
(title="Provide exception superclass for UnknownFooExceptions">6794071),
another to group common functionality in mixin interfaces (title="Provide mixin interfaces for getQualifiedName and getTypeParameters">6460529), and some minor API clarifications
(title="Filer should state connection between created files and root elements">6501749). Along the way, there has been a little general bug fixing too
(title="-Xprint: no commas between type variables">6478017,
title="Improve serialization support in javax.lang.model.type exception classes">6583626,
title="Faulty comparison of TypeMirror objects in getElementsAnnotatedWith implementation">6498938).

Small tweaks and bug fixing will continue to occur in the javax.lang.model.\* and javax.annotation.processing packages throughout JDK 7 in addition to changes needed to support new language features.

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