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JDK 6 Build 97 and 98 JSR 269 API Changes

Compared to build 96, build 97 only contained an assortment of minor corrections and clarifications to the API, such as fixing typos and adding additional cross references to sections of the JLS. The most systematic change was updating the javadoc of the methods in the utility visitor classes to follow the recommended pattern for methods intended to be overridden: state the general method contract (in this case with {@inheritDoc}) following by "This implementation...". This pattern is discussed in Effective Java (Item 15: Design and document for inheritance or else prohibit it) and is used in the skeletal collection implementations.

Build 98

  • Tightened the specification of the Filer to disallow overwriting files in more situations.
  • Added a description of the discovery process to Processor.
  • Explicitly stated the language modeling hierarchy javax.lang.model.\* can be used for purposes other than annotation processing.

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