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    March 11, 2010

An Assertive Quality in Langtools

With a duo of fixes in JDK 7 build 85, one by Jon
(title="langtools/test/tools/javac/EarlyAssert.java fails when run with assertions enabled (-ea)">6927797)
and another by me (title="apt tests should run with assertions enabled">6926703), the langtools repository has reached another milestone in testing robustness: all the tests pass with assertions (-ea) and system assertions (-esa) enabled. This adds to other useful langtools testing properties, such as being able to successufully run in the speedy
same vm testing mode.

Jon's fix was just updating a test so that some code would always be run with assertions disabled while my fix corrected an actual buggy assert I included in apt. Addressing such problems helps simplify analyzing test results; if there is a failure, there is a problem!

These fixes have also been applied in the forthcoming OpenJDK 6 build 19 so it too will have the same assertive testing quality.

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