Wednesday May 30, 2007

Souvenirs from JavaOne 2007

In the wake of JavaOne 2007, here are a couple of souvenirs for those of you who could not make it. As promised, here are my slides for my presentation on Java SE Present and Future, and here is a picture of my Java SE: Ask the Experts BOF.

From left to right: Chet Haase, Lance Anderson, Mark Reinhold, Stanley Ho, Paul Hohensee, Dave Dagastine, Alan Bateman, Andreas Sterbenz and Danny Coward.

My favorite souvenir was the dark horse announcement I made about the Consumer JRE and how it got picked up all over the place.

Thursday Nov 02, 2006

Touring Europe

The world kept turning, of course, as I was on the road for the last couple of weeks. Part vacation, part work: meeting up with our Java SE teams from Grenoble and Dublin, and dropping in to the NetBeans team in Prague.

The Java SE 6 platform JSR and its component JSRs entered the JCP Final Approval Ballot. So Java SE 6 is in the home straight now as the ballot ending is the go ahead for us to be able to release it. I hope all your fingers and toes are crossed.

JSR 277 produced an Expert Draft, and has been stirring up some controversy to keep us from getting boring. The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

Mike Ernst and my new JSR 308 passed its inception ballot, which aims to extend the annotation mechanism first introduced in JSR 175 by  allowing annotations to be slipped into various hitherto forbidden places. The expert group is open, so go nominate yourself if have some spare time to devote to helping out.

While in Prague, a highlight was to meet the NetBeans evangelists. Such a high energy bunch. Its like a Marketing bird mated with the Engineering bird, and out of the eggs hatched this brood.

Does it surprise you to know that Roman is more effervescent in person than on his blog ?

I also gave a talk about Java SE 7 to the Czech Java Users Group. Since you and I have no secrets, here are the slides. Someone had a video camera there, so I believe I should be able to point you to recording in the next week or so. Should you want to see the real thing.

[I haven't seen it yet, but if I look flustered, its because I, in a moment of gallantry, allowed an elderly lady to go ahead of me on the Prague Metro. You know, snowy haired, kindly looking, harried, grateful. But once I had calibrated her glacial walking pace from behind, I had lost sight of the rest of the NetBeans gang, any rational connection with knowledge of the venue I was due to speak at in 10 minutes, and most of my sanity. Thanks to Tim for rescuing me...]

Speaking of cameras, I also developed a new YouTube crush. Gary Brolsma, lonelygirl15, geriatric1927: over, over and over. CBS may have Katie Couric, but we have our own MaryMaryQuiteContrary, who has unleashed her sparkling persona into visual form.

Since I know you are better read that I am, I'll tell you that my trip acquired an spooky literary dimension. Hardly a week after my dad recommended Stendahl's Le Rouge et le Noir (I'm catching up on my European classics), was I eating at a restaurant in Grenoble feet from where its hero awaits his execution in prision. And having recently read Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being, a few days later I was dining on Petrin Hill overlooking Prague, scene of a pivotal moment for the 'heavy' Tereza.

I'm glad to be home !

Monday Jul 31, 2006

Danny's Back

Its good to be back from some downtime. Unplugged, offline and out of range, I missed everything including the good news.

In case you are curious, I was spending some quality time with my string quartet in the mystical, magical world of Britten at Claremont University under the guidance of the Ives Quartet.

So this is just a quick hello say I'm back, energised, continuing to piece together thoughts about Java SE 7, (amongst other things), with the help, of course, of you all.

Just for now though, I'm still a bit scared of my inbox.

Tuesday Feb 14, 2006

Where's Danny ?

Dear Readers - I do have a number of things I want to tell you about, but for now I am on the road to visit some of our J2SE folks in Europe.

So coverage may be a little spotty. More tomorrow, though, as its an important day for J2SE.

I had forgotten that traveller's feeling of leaving one's home in one part of the world and dropping in as if a disembodied spectator on the lives of people on a different continent, without an interlude of sleep to normalise perception. Maybe people here in Paris look at me and see 'disembodied'. Nine shave-free timezones later I wouldn't blame them.

As a caution to the webloggers amongst you, am reading Diary of a Nobody. Paper version. Sorry lady-on-plane for laughing so much.




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