Sonntag Jun 22, 2008

Microsoft Invites to ODF Workshop in Redmond

This is probably my last blog post on (see this in case you wonder why), but I wanted to share with you my excitement about the success of ODF. The news of the last few days together with numbers like the download data clearly show, that ODF can't be ignored anymore. According to this invitation on the OASIS ODF TC mailing lists, Microsoft is inviting to an ODF Workshop in Redmond. Maybe this invitation has something to do with Microsoft's public "ODF has clearly won" statement at a recent event. Thus, if Microsoft has to support ODF in their products due to market demand, what ISV can still ignore supporting ODF? I guess none! Anyway, is just one implementation of ODF and is facing more than 1.2M downloads per week (!!!) on average (since the beginning of 2008) with most recent download numbers having been close to 2M. In addition, Asus, Acer and HP are now shipping laptops with pre-installed, and more and more organizations deploy in a large scale. Finally, according to Google file type searches like this one and this one, ODF is still clearly the market leading editable XML document file format. Thus, I'm sure ODF and have a bright future!

Dienstag Jun 10, 2008

Who speaks Slovak and can translate this ODF related article???

Who speaks Slovak and can translate this ODF related article??? I'm curious to know what it says regarding ODF!

Mittwoch Mai 21, 2008

Huge Success for the ODF Community

First, I warmly welcome Microsoft to the community of ODF supporters. As most of you will have noticed by now, Microsoft just announced that they will start supporting ODF out of the box with Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Office 2007. My favorite statement from the Microsoft announcement is the following promise: "It will also allow customers to set ODF as the default file format for Office 2007." Thus, very soon it should be very easy for organizations to standardize their document workflows on ODF, because the "average employee" does not need any special skills for saving to ODF anymore. Very cool!

Initially, Microsoft will support ODF 1.1 which is the most current OASIS standard. Since Microsoft is "committed to providing Office users with greater choice among document formats and enhanced interoperability" I also hope that Microsoft will soon start adding support for the upcoming ODF 1.2 because ODF 1.2 was designed to improve and extend interoperability between different ODF implementations. For example, ODF 1.2 adds a formula language and a W3C standards based metadata model. Thus, ODF 1.2 should also make mapping Excel formulas to ODF easier. Anyway, "Microsoft will join the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) technical committee working on the next version of ODF". Thus, Microsoft's participation at OASIS should eliminate the worries and the inertia of people who were afraid of standardizing their document workflows on ODF in the past. With Microsoft's genuine participation in the ODF TC, ODF should evolve into a truly cross-plattform, cross-application and cross-vendor document format standard.

Second, I have to congratulate all the early supporters and adopters of ODF, i.e. the larger ODF Community. The work, and in some cases the courage, of many many individuals has led to a "market" which can't be ignored by vendors any longer. According to Google searches for various file types, ODF is still the most popular XML document file format, at least based on the number of document files posted to the Web., which is just one implementation of ODF, is currently being downloaded more than 1.2M times per week and being distributed by popular hardware products like the Asus Eee PC. Government organizations around the world are adopting and/or ODF and have started to help each other with their adoption challenges. Thus, ODF has become a "market force" that can't be ignored anymore. Thus, again, congratulations and thank you to all the people who have contributed to the success of and ODF so far! Well done!

Dienstag Mai 20, 2008

New Blog about ODF Development Tools

J. David Eisenberg, the author of the online book "OASIS OpenDocument Essentials", just started a cool new blog about ODF development tools. I'm looking forward to all the articles!

Donnerstag Mai 08, 2008

New ODF API available

A new ODF API just became available. A first preview version of ODFDOM has just been released.

Freitag Mai 02, 2008

"ODF Validation for Dummies"

Here is Rob Weir's answer to Alex Brown's validation test.

Mittwoch Apr 30, 2008

"Wiki page for OpenOffice adoption in Malaysia"

I just became aware of this "Wiki page for OpenOffice adoption in Malaysia". Very cool! I hope I'll soon find some time to copy the names to the "Market Share Analysis" wiki page and/or "Major Deployments" wiki page.

Dienstag Apr 29, 2008

ODF Development using Perl, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, etc.

In case you're a developer and are looking for libraries simplifying ODF development with technologies like Perl, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, etc., you should check out this summary of ODF tools and libraries. BTW, most of these efforts are open source projects. Thus, if you have a little bit of spare time, feel free to join the projects!

Freitag Apr 25, 2008

ODFDOM to become available in May 2008

I already mentioned jOpenDocument today. Here is another piece of news for developers. A first preview release of ODFDOM will become available in May 2008. In case you don't know what ODFDOM is, check out the ODFDOM wiki page on

"A pure Java library for OASIS Open Document files manipulation"

More and more ODF tools and libraries are emerging. I just came across jOpenDocument which sounds promising. On the homepage it describes itself as "A pure Java library for OASIS Open Document files manipulation". Developers should also keep their eyes open for more news from the ODF Toolkit Project. In addition, there are ODF tools available for Perl developers and for PHP developers (check out this and this). BTW, if you know of any tools for ODF development or applications supporting ODF, make sure they are listed at

ODF Seminar for Municipalities

On May 19th there will be an ODF seminar for municipalities in Schoten (Belgium). More details can be found here.

Mittwoch Apr 23, 2008

City of Munich and German Federal Foreign Office start collaboration

According to this German article, the City of Munich and the German Federal Foreign Office have started to collaborate on the implementation of their open source and open standards strategies. I would not be surprised if other organizations decided to join the "alliance" as well. Anyway, very cool to see government organizations collaborate regarding the usage of open source and open standards.

Dienstag Apr 22, 2008

ODF now national standard in South Africa

Great news from South Africa:
"Open Document Format (ODF) has been approved as a South African national standard by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).
According to Bob Jolliffe, of the Department of Science and Technology, ODF was approved on Friday last week, after a long evaluation process by the SABS department dedicated to standards assessment, Stanza (South African Standards)."
Found here.

ODF development effort for KOffice sponsored

According to this announcement, the Dutch NLnet foundation decided to sponsor the ODF development effort for KOffice. Great news for the larger ODF ecosystem!

Dienstag Apr 08, 2008

Gartner about ODF

"Silver said the market share for the Linux operating system and applications that use the Open Document Format is small but growing fast in emerging markets, where consumers and businesses lack large technology budgets. "They're much more price sensitive and don't have a pre-existing installed base that locks them into commercial products," said Silver [Gartner analyst Michael Silver]."
Found here.



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