Sonntag Jun 22, 2008

Microsoft Invites to ODF Workshop in Redmond

This is probably my last blog post on (see this in case you wonder why), but I wanted to share with you my excitement about the success of ODF. The news of the last few days together with numbers like the download data clearly show, that ODF can't be ignored anymore. According to this invitation on the OASIS ODF TC mailing lists, Microsoft is inviting to an ODF Workshop in Redmond. Maybe this invitation has something to do with Microsoft's public "ODF has clearly won" statement at a recent event. Thus, if Microsoft has to support ODF in their products due to market demand, what ISV can still ignore supporting ODF? I guess none! Anyway, is just one implementation of ODF and is facing more than 1.2M downloads per week (!!!) on average (since the beginning of 2008) with most recent download numbers having been close to 2M. In addition, Asus, Acer and HP are now shipping laptops with pre-installed, and more and more organizations deploy in a large scale. Finally, according to Google file type searches like this one and this one, ODF is still clearly the market leading editable XML document file format. Thus, I'm sure ODF and have a bright future!

Donnerstag Jun 19, 2008

Leaving Sun and going to SAP

As many colleagues and friends already know, I decided to leave Sun at the end of this months in order to pursue a new opportunity at SAP. Actually, my very last day at Sun will be upcoming Monday (June 23rd). It was a great time at Sun, and I learned a lot! I really like the people, the culture, the attitude and the fact that Sun cares about more than just revenue (e.g. eco responsibility, fun, accessibility, volunteer work, etc.). I will definitely miss Sun and my colleagues! It was a great time!

Since people asked what will happen to my blog, I thought I should post a short statement before I leave, telling people where they can find a new blog and how they can stay in touch with me. AFAIK, my old Sun blog posts will continue to exist. At least that is what happened to other people's blogs after they left Sun. Thus, I'm confident that the data will not get lost.

In addition, in order to guarantee some level of continuity I just quickly created a new blog called "Erwin's Open Source Salsa". I don't know yet what I will do blogging wise in the long term, but at least I will use that new blog as an interim solution.

In case people wonder how to stay in touch with me going forward, you can find me in various social networks including XING (my favorite), LinkedIn and Facebook. Thus, just connect with me via one of those platforms!

Anyway, I'm sure our paths will cross again!

Bye for now and all the best

Dienstag Jun 17, 2008 being distributed to Portuguese schools

I was just made aware of this Portuguese blog entry. CDs including will be distributed to Portuguese schools again. Great news!

New article about the mail merge feature

"The office where I am network administrator switched most users to (OOo) back at version 1.1, and has followed the upgrade process to the current version 2.3 (a few poor users who have to exchange documents outside the office with high fidelity are still clinging to their MS Office 97). Our receptionist does a lot of general secretarial duties, including lots of letters, envelopes, and labels that involve mail merge. Since this seems to be a sticking point for many people, I am putting everything I have learned from helping her and have gleaned from various sources on the Internet together in this tutorial."
The full article can be found here.

Donnerstag Jun 12, 2008

Video showing the new PDF import feature for

I just created a short video in which I demo the new Sun PDF Import Extension (beta) for Don't expect a perfect screencast! It's just a quick hack. It was more of an experiment! It was interesting for me to realize that I started to "stutter" and to have my brain "go blank" the more the longer I played with the screencast software. I'm sorry that I can't offer more / different video formats right now! Anyway, I think the video should still give a good impression of the new PDF import feature. Have fun!

Already 1,800 downloads of the Sun PDF Import Extension

The new Sun PDF Import Extension (beta) for and StarOffice could quickly become the most popular extension for It has been available less than 24 hours, but has already been downloaded more than 1,800 times. Very cool!

Mittwoch Jun 11, 2008

Editing PDF files with

With the new Sun PDF Import Extension people can now edit PDF files. For example it's very easy to change a typo, date, name, phone number, diagram, etc. In addition, the Sun PDF Import Extension can be used to reuse content from old presentations.

Once the extension is installed, the PDF export feature shows a new option at the bottom as well. With the Sun PDF Import Extension, allows creating so-called "hybrid files". These are PDF files that also include the ODF content, i.e. the original source document. As a consequence, everybody can view these hybrid files with a simple PDF viewer. However, users can also edit these PDF files without any information loss, since will simple recognize and open the ODF content instead of trying to import the PDF information. Please keep in mind that this new extension requires 3.0 Beta! It does not work with 2.x!

Since both 3.0 and the Sun PDF Import Extension are currently in a beta state, I'm curious to hear what your experiences with both tools are and how you're planning to use the PDF import feature including the hybrid file format (PDF including ODF).

BTW, please also read this note by Artem, so that you know how you should provide feedback to the developers. Support Incidents for 9.99€

In case people get stuck with an problem and don't find the right answer in the Community Forum, they might take advantage of the special promo for professsional support. Until mid September support incidents can be purchased for just 9.99€.

Dienstag Jun 10, 2008

Who speaks Slovak and can translate this ODF related article???

Who speaks Slovak and can translate this ODF related article??? I'm curious to know what it says regarding ODF!

Dienstag Jun 03, 2008

"Polish Walmart" selling laptops with pre-installed

I just received a link to this Polish offer. A Polish store similar to Walmart is selling a laptop with Kubuntu and pre-installed. Cool! I guess this means even more and ODF users!

French hospital migrates to

According to this French article, the French hospital of Thiers is migrating its 150 desktops to in order to spend money on training instead of licenses.

Millions of copies of distributed by Asustek

I just read this article, and found the following statement particularly interesting:
"The company, which had previously estimated that it would sell 5 million Eee PCs this year, forecasts low-cost PC sales are set to hit 20-30 million units globally in 2009, Asustek's Chief Executive Jerry Shen told reporters."
Considering that the Eee PCs ship with either, StarOffice or StarSuite, these are great news! Last month there were close to 7 Million downloads of (not counting Linux distros, magazine CDs, etc.), but having major hardware vendors like Asustek shipping Millions of laptops with pre-installed is definitely even more helpful from an market share and ODF adoption point of view.

Munich released template management software as Open Source

As can be read in this German article, the City of Munich just released their template management software for as Open Source under the European Union Public License (EUPL). It's great to see that government organizations start to embrace the open source development model!

Acer laptop with pre-installed

Cool! The "Acer Aspire one" is yet another mainstream laptop that comes with pre-installed:
"The Aspire one series comes preinstalled with Linpus™ Linux® Lite version or Windows XP® Home. Additional software such as OpenOffice 2.3, one Mail, Messenger, Acer eRecovery Management, Acer Launch Manager, Adobe® Reader®, McAfee® Internet Security Suite, Microsoft® Office Trial 2007 are also installed5."
Found here.

Montag Jun 02, 2008

Windows Eee PC with StarOffice pre-installed

As can be read in this German review, the Windows version of the Asus Eee PC 900 will have StarOffice pre-installed. This definitely will lead to more adoption of ODF! Cool!



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