Improper member use error

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I hit this Studio compiler error message, and it took me a few minutes to work out what was going wrong. So I'm writing it up in case anyone else hits it. Consider this code:

typedef struct t
int t1;
int t2;
} t_t;
struct q
int q1;
int q2;
void main()
struct t v; // Instantiate one structure
v.q1 = 0; // Use member of a different structure

The C compiler produces this error:

$ cc odd.c
"odd.c", line 16: improper member use: q1
cc: acomp failed for odd.c

The compiler recognises the structure member, and works out that it's not valid to use it in the context of the other structure - hence the error message. But the error message is not exactly clear about it.

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