Haunted clock

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This is weird tale - just in time for Halloween. We have (or had) a kitchen timer, it has controls to set the duration of the time-out in hours and minutes, and a start-stop button. Once the time-out's set it counts down and eventually goes beep. That's all it does.

Or did, until about two weeks ago, when it stopped being a timer and started being a clock. For no readily apparent reason the buttons stopped working, and it started showing the time. Initially I thought 7:07 was an error code, but I looked back at 7:30 and realised that it was showing the time, not any time, but the correct time. And that's what convinces me it must be haunted :) I can understand that it might share sufficient circuitry with a clock for it to become one with some kind of random event, but to become a clock that is showing the correct time is just too unlikely.

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  • Marc Friday, November 2, 2007


    the comments are closed on the post on what we would like to see in the next version of studio, so I am answering here: thanks, and yes, you understood correctly.

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