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What March Madness Teaches Us About Our Approach to CX

For many of us, March is a time of awakening. Being born and raised in Chicago I can speak to  the winter hardships of “Chiberia.” While the cold weather begins to wither, millions of sports fans gather to cheer and watch the best teams in college basketball go head-to-head in a tournament otherwise known as “March Madness.”

While March Madness is a college basketball tournament, the game itself has fundamental similarities to creating a strong customer experience strategy. Here are 3 key takeaways you should keep in mind when you begin to think and invest in a CX strategy:

We need to automate it 

Basketball players need to stay consistent in all aspects of play. A point guard needs to know precisely where their forward will be standing on the paint without giving a millisecond of thought. This level of practice and discipline creates a scenario where a team begins to run and move like a well-oiled machine and movements become automated through intuition and prediction. 

These “smart” consistent actions are vital to a seamless customer experience as well. Keeping customers content and managing customer experiences is not only difficult but also labor intensive. Through automation of time sensitive responses, follow ups, and offering self-service capabilities, you are creating a very engaging and empowered experience that gives your customers a sense of control within organizational limits. 

Teamwork and integration create a personalized UX

Success on the court requires individual players to understand the value of one another. One player cannot be responsible for every facet of a play, nor should they be.  A great team understands that and personalizes plays to leverage individual player strengths in order to become a more unified and powerful entity. These teams are capable of assimilating to high-pressure scenarios and altering their plays on the fly. 

Integration and teamwork between products in the CX portfolio are just as crucial. Take, for example, the seamless integration between CPQ and Commerce. Both platforms are strong and independent, but if utilized together, playing off one another’s strengths can build an even more powerful user experience. What one platform lacks, the other picks up to create a smooth and personalized experience. 

Preparation and visualization often pays off

Basketball plays on the court are often first visualized off the court to a point where one can hear the shoe squeaks and roaring crowds in their head prior to any action. This preparation helps players manifest preferred scenarios and helps them play "their game" versus reacting to the opposition's game.

A well implemented CX solution should always visualize and anticipate how a customer is going to behave and what paths a customer can take throughout the buying journey in order to create a great customer experience. This thought process takes the customer through various experiences to ultimately fulfill their needs, motivate adoption and ultimately, motivate loyalty. 

While these are just a few key takeaways of a good CX solution, if you’d like to learn more check out 3 Areas of Customer Experience to Invest In Right Now

I leave you with one final thought: GO HEELS! 

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