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Upcoming Webinar: AI and the Future Role of the Salesperson

Nathan Joynt
CX Cloud Business Group

Join us for our upcoming free webinar: AI and the Future Role of the Salesperson with Oracle's Madhukar Kumar. 

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"Always Be Closing" is no longer just a sales mantra popularized from the movie, Glengarry Glenn Ross. In the coming years this could be the reality for salespeople for two significant reasons:

1. Customer apathy towards salespeople is growing and will likely continue to increase perhaps to the point where a salesperson's primary task is to close deals.

2. Emerging technology including AI agents, predictive analytics, and additional smart technology will likely take over most non-selling tasks.

Customer apathy: Are you ready for permission-based selling?

57 percent. That’s how far the average B2B buyer is through their purchase decision before engaging a sales rep. Majority ownership of this buyer-seller relationship is critical because it dictates who gets to make the rules. Every day this power sits more and more with the customer. This number will likely grow in the coming years as more B2B’s embark on digital transformations and open digital direct-to-customer channels.

Permission marketing is the concept where people have the power to choose digital advertisements. I don't follow companies on Twitter unless I care to hear from them. If I see a company ad on Facebook I don’t like; I can hide it. Permission marketing is a reality of the empowered customer in an increasingly digital world, and it's coming to a sales team near you. With new privacy legislation like the GDPR arriving later this year, we are likely to see an increase in the concept of permission sales.

Emerging technology: Rise of the AI sales agent

The reality for many in sales is that too much time is spent on administrative tasks. While most of these tasks are a necessary part of the job, it's intriguing to think about how AI and smarter selling technology may potentially absorb this work in the coming years. The priorities of prospecting, researching, identifying needs, preparing content for calls and meetings, and even providing proactive customer service are all tasks that an algorithm can potentially do more efficiently than any salesperson. If this is the case, more time can be spent on real revenue and career-driving goals, like closing deals.

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Interested in this topic? Join us for our upcoming free webinar: AI and the Future Role of the Salesperson with Oracle's Madhukar Kumar. He’ll discuss the reality of selling in the years to come and introduce you to some impressive emerging technology that can help salespeople to, "always be closing."

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