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The Importance of Going Deep-Digital

Vinay Iyer
Vice President, CX Industry Solution Architect
Many of us are in a stay-at-home economy where we are digitally dependent to work, engage with our friends, get schooled, entertain ourselves, shop, and get support online, including telehealth.  In these circumstances, what can your company do to survive and get ahead?

People are working and spending more time at home. A lot of that time is online, thus the importance of conducting business digitally. Ironically, the billions of dollars companies have spent in recent years to go digital have largely failed to bring transformational changes to their business models. According to Forbes and others, over 70% of companies have not achieved the transformational benefits they had hoped for despite collectively investing over $1.3 trillion in digital projects!

So, what has to change with the way you’re doing digital? This doesn’t just mean you deploy a new piece of technology isolated from an underlying business process that you have to manage. You have to go ‘Deep-Digital’ which means new channels and interaction paradigms must connect with other systems that solve a customer need. Let’s look at some examples.

Become savvy at digital listening and engagement.

With more people spending more time online, it’s critical to read signals, identify customer needs, engage properly at the moment-of-need via the right channel and consistently serve well across all digital channels.

Let’s presume I’m signaling on Facebook or a Google search where I'm considering buying an air purifier. A brand should seamlessly capture this signal, identify it with me, then initiate a message to educate and inform me, thus leading me to purchase.

It’s not only an air purifier manufacturer who could benefit from this signal. An alternative provider such as an air filter or air freshener maker could divert me to buy their product instead. This would save me money and provide the same health benefits. Savvy digital operators can easily interrupt and lure customers away!

These interactions happen via smartphones, browsers, Facebook, Instagram, a Google search page, etc. Being present, listening and engaging in all these channels will create winners.

Do not forget delivering to promise!

Identifying, engaging and selling to a customer isn’t enough. Their needs can only be satisfied if the product or service is delivered as promised.  Whether the purchase is made via chatbot, a mobile app or in a Facebook store, connecting that order to your supply chain and fulfillment systems is what ultimately delivers the product.

Some things are easy to implement while others will require significant change. What’s important is that you go deep in deploying digital so that the solution fully solves customers’ needs and doesn’t frustrate them with partial or conflicting engagements. Look at data and processes in their entirety to get a holistic 360-degree view into what signals are real and what responses would be appropriate to take. Don't waste time and money on digital projects that don’t deliver results!

Customer Experience solutions that read customer data signals exists today to support these changes to go deep with digital deployments. Can you afford to wait while more agile competitors sense the opportunities and move fast?

As deployed today, digital channels like chatbots typically do hand-offs to traditional channels like call centers or stores for fulfillment. With traditional channels coming under tremendous pressure now, simple hand-offs leading to lengthy wait times on the phone or asking customers to go to a store are not going to work.


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