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Starbucks Definitely Sees the Real Me

In a recent issue of CRM magazine, Marshall Lager wrote a column titled, "Can Ya See the Real Me," in which he implied that most companies do a poor job of matching various types of leads with the specific approaches vendors should take in following up with those leads. In short, he says, "These companies don't know who they're talking to." OK, so I know I'm stretching this a bit. I realize that Marshall is talking about B2B companies here. But I want to salute a B2C company...

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Don't Go Here Unless You're a CIO

Well, maybe you aspire to be a CIO. Or...you KNOW a CIO. Or...you want to gain an understanding of a CIO's perspectives. Here is the deal: lest we think that CRM only lives in the domain of sales, marketing and service executives, we of course know that the role of any CIO is very strategic to their organization. Therefore, they will be heavily involved in, and typically lead in the acquisition and deployment of all mission-critical business applications, including CRM. But I...

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Louis Peters Shares Several Oracle CRM On Demand Deployment Best Practices

As promised in my post last week, here is an interview with Louis Peters, one of the three authors of the new book, Oracle CRM On Demand Deployment Guide. Press the "Play" button below to stream the audio, or click here to download the MP3 file. Enjoy.

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They Wrote The Book On It

First of all, an apology to you all for my not posting this yesterday, when I should have. For those of you bloggers out there, you know the difference between "Save" and "Preview." But I temporarily forgot it. Nevertheless, while I'm not impressed with this mishap, I'm blown away by the initiative three of my colleagues have taken. Jeff Saenger, Tim Koehler, and Louis Peters, recently wrote a book, "Oracle CRM On Demand Deployment Guide." Not only that, they got this book...

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Sorry. Not Much Happened Today!

And THAT blog headline is dedicated to Seth Godin, who recently wrote that unlike its print brethren, digital media outlets aren't burdened with having to make their articles long enough to match the number of surrounding ad pages. He states that just because you CAN write more doesn't mean you SHOULD. Well, you don't have to tell me that twice. So to continue my rambling entry today, I'd suggest you read this post by Donal Daly on 10 steps to intelligent Social CRM for...

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Culture Shmulture?

I've been thinking about "Customer Experience Management" lately. Here at Oracle, we arguably have the most complete suite of applications for managing the customer experience across and in the context of multiple channels -- from marketing to loyalty to contact center to self-service to analytics offerings, and more. And stay tuned, because in coming months let's just say we'll have even more to talk about on this front. But that said............ Last weekend my wife and I...

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