Thursday Apr 04, 2013

I Want to Do It Myself by Lynn Barnhart

I like to do things myself. Maybe that’s my inner 2-year-old trying to get out.  When I can’t do things myself, then I’m usually interested in getting just a little help so I can still finish on my own.  This is probably why I like chat and I also don’t wonder why chat adoption has doubled in 2 years or that 51% of people prefer chat so they can multi-task.

Customer service can be a true competitive differentiator.  How do I know? Because a recent Forrester study found that Customer Experience leading companies had a 22.5% stock market return over the last five years versus a 46.3% loss for Customer Experience laggards.

So why wouldn’t  you want to invest in self-service options, or minimal agent intervention options, for customers to answer their own questions? And why wouldn't you provide the right opportunities for customers with complex issues to be channeled to an agent for one-on-one service?  This provides your customers’ with the right answer at the right time through the right channel.

Is this making you think you want to know more--like what are best practices for delivering the right answer at the right time with help just a click away?  Click this link to find out 3 best practices for providing ‘a little extra service’ using chat and email management.  Or listen to this 15-minute webcast to learn 5 exciting new features for Next Generation Chat, which increase customer satisfaction and lower customer support costs simultaneously.

If you want to know what business results companies who have implemented chat and email management are experiencing, learn what Xactware has done. Xactware gets 75% of their inquiries through the chat channel and their agents are able to effectively handle these high volumes while also helping Xactware gain substantial efficiencies.

To learn more, you have free access to different tools and resources for delivering the right answer at the right time with ‘a little extra service’.  Leverage one or more cloud solutions to differentiate your customer service and keep your customers returning time and again while your company effectively leverages technology to lower costs.

Monday Dec 31, 2012

Cloud Chat Solutions Enhance Service and Cut Support Costs

Customers demand personalized service. With margins thinner than ever, how can you provide it in a cost-effective way? The answer is ‘Chat.’

Not chat as in people milling about the water cooler. But Live Chat, the newest customer service channel, whose use has doubled in the past few years and whose customer satisfaction score is the highest of all online channels.

Chat sessions enable customer service agents to provide real-time, personalized answers to several customers at once, increasing contact center responsiveness and efficiency while decreasing costs. Here are some results from Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service customers:

  • Financial Services Leader Jackson Hewitt—Chat enables Jackson Hewitt to provide real-time support to both tax preparers and end customers, increasing their satisfaction while improving support efficiency with agents handling multiple chat sessions simultaneously. Chat, along with the knowledge base, has reduced calls by 40%, lowering Jackson Hewitt’s support costs.
  • High Technology Innovator XactwareChat enables Xactware to handle higher support volume without added headcount, despite rapid customer growth. With 75% of inquiries coming through chat, including mobile chat, Xactware has generated significant savings while beating its service level KPIs by as much as 80%.

Using Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service, these companies have improved customer service and operational efficiency at the same time, paving the way for sustainable growth and profits.

Join us at an Oracle CloudWorld event near you to learn how Chat, and our other Cloud Customer Service and Support solutions, can help you deliver exceptional customer service experiences. To sign up, please visit our registration page.

To learn more about Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service, please visit our website or contact us at (866) 630-7669. You can also see an overview of Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service on YouTube.


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