Thursday Jul 03, 2014

Design for complex ATG applications


Needless to say, some ATG applications are more complex than others.  Some ATG applications support a single site, single language, single catalog, single currency, have a single development staff, single business team, and a relatively simple business model.  The real complex applications have to support multiple sites, multiple languages, multiple catalogs, multiple currencies, a couple different development teams, multiple business teams, and a highly complex business model (and processes to go along with it).  While it's still important to implement a proper design for simple applications, it's absolutely critical to do this for the complex applications.  Why?  It's all about time and money.  If you are unable to manage your complex applications in an efficient manner, the cost of managing it will increase dramatically as will the time to get things done (time to market).  On the positive side, your competition is most likely in the same situation, so you just need to be more efficient than they are.

This article is intended to discuss a number of key areas to think about when designing complex applications on ATG.  Some of this can get fairly technical, so it may help to get some background first.  You can get enough of the required background information from this post.  After reading that, come back here and follow along.
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Key ATG architecture principles


The purpose of this article is to describe some of the important foundational concepts of ATG.  This is not intended to cover all areas of the ATG platform, just the most important subset - the ones that allow ATG to be extremely flexible, configurable, high performance, etc.  For more information on these topics, please see the online product manuals.
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Wednesday Jul 02, 2014

Building Infinite Scrolling in Oracle Commerce

I have to start by saying that the approach I've taken to implement infinite scrolling may not be considered best practice.  I simply found an approach that worked for my purposes and I thought I would share…

The application I'm working with is an internal Oracle application built on Oracle Commerce (version 10.1.2 / 3.1.2).  It's not a commerce application, but it does use the ATG 'platform' (modules DSS and below), as well as Endeca.  I have a repository that I index in Endeca, and I leverage Endeca Experience Manager to render some of the key pages of the application.  So, as it relates to infinite scrolling, I was starting with an experience manager driven page which contained a ResultsList cartridge, not unlike what you may see in the Commerce Reference Store (CRS).
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Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

Digital Darwinism: How Brands Can Survive The Rapid Evolution Of Society And Technology

Do you want to learn how to thrive in an era of connected consumerism and digital disruptions? Come attend this free webinar on December 13th at 10:00 am PST / 1:00 pm EST as Brian Solis, Altimeter Group analyst, shares his thoughts on how our changing society and technology shifts are impacting brands today.

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Tuesday Oct 30, 2012

The Softer Side of Customer Experience

It’s election season in the U.S., and you know what that means. It means I stop by the recycling bin in my garage before entering the house with the contents of my mailbox. A couple of weeks ago, I was doing my usual direct mail purge when I came across a piece from The Container Store®. This piece would have gone straight to the recycling bin, but the title stopped me: Learn what WE STAND FOR! [Read More]

Wednesday Jun 22, 2011

High Tech Product Companies: Benchmark Your Sales & Marketing Data Management

Aberdeen’s Q4 2010 Quarterly Business Review found that 74% of the Sales and Marketing organizations in High Tech product manufacturing have strategic CRM initiatives in 2011.

Aberdeen Group is conducting a survey that will help high tech product companies such as yours determine the Best-in-Class procedures for capturing, managing, and disseminating business data. If your product company is planning on implementing a CRM solution or is simply evaluating the potential benefits, we would appreciate your feedback in this brief, 10-minute survey. You will be able to compare your experiences in leveraging customer information for sales and marketing compare with your peers, benchmark your performance, and see how you can achieve Best-in-Class results. Individual responses will be kept strictly confidential, and data will only be used in aggregate.

In appreciation for sharing your time and thoughts with us, we will provide complimentary access for you to the full benchmark report as soon as it is published (a $399 value). Take the survey.


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