Tuesday Feb 14, 2012

Best-in-Class Citizen Service for Government Agencies

In today's economic and social climate, government agencies face a challenging road to balance demands for quality services with pressure to demonstrate cost efficiencies. With Oracle's newly released Siebel Public Sector 8.2.2 government can now provide world-class citizen service for Constituent Services, Justice and Public Safety and Social Services.

Register now to get inside access to the new Oracle CRM Public Sector Innovation Portal and learn how Oracle's latest innovations for Public Sector will help you:

  • Achieve a comprehensive view of citizens across all programs and agencies
  • Provide comprehensive, citizen-center case management
  • Streamline policy automation and eligibility determination

View the new portal with the latest from product management, demonstrations and customer stories in Constituent Services, Justice and Public Safety and Social Services.

Tuesday Nov 22, 2011

Provincial Forum & the Best of Oracle OpenWorld for Public Sector






Provincial Ministries, Crowns and Agencies are transforming in an effort to meet increasing service expectations from citizens, legislative mandates, and current economic pressures. There is a need to be more efficient and accountable, providing services and information to constituents expeditiously and cost-effectively. However, legacy information systems typically support single program functions. These disparate systems pose a complex canvas upon which to compose a more efficient government systems landscape.

Please join your fellow government leaders and Oracle on December 6, 2011 to discuss these challenges and learn how government agencies are leveraging IT as a core tool to streamline multi-organization operations thereby delivering a more cost-effective, citizen- centric, and sustainable government. Register here.

SmartCity World Congress






The population density of cities demands actions to be taken to ensure sustainable and environmentally-friendly economic growth that is capable of improving the quality of life of their inhabitants. This is their main challenge and the reason why society is calling for more Smart Cities.  SmartCity Expo & World Congress will bring together key speakers and representatives of the leading organizations with the most innovative ideas in the world.

Attend the “Open Innovation for Developing Smart Cities” session with Oracle on November 30th.  Learn about Oracle’s solutions for Smart Cities.

Thursday Sep 15, 2011

Improve Case Management with Oracle Public Sector CRM

In today’s economic and social climate, government agencies must continue to find ways to do more with less.  Many face a challenging road to balance growing demands for quality services and programs with pressures to show results and cut costs.

Watch this short video on Oracle’s latest innovations for Public Sector Case Management that can help agencies improve the delivery of government services to citizens.  Includes a short preview demo by Oracle expert Tiffany Blair of CRM Product Management for Public Sector.

Learn more about Case Management for Government and  view an interactive map on Oracle's Solutions for Social Services.

Tuesday Aug 30, 2011

IMSERSO Streamlines Case Management


IMSERSO Uses Integrated CRM System to Streamline Case Management of Elderly and Disabled Citizens

The Institute for Social Services for Elderly and Dependent (IMSERSO) is a public agency within the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Policy, and Equality. IMSERSO introduced the system for autonomy and care for dependent people (SAAD) to enable regional governments to manage their internal processes related to the law. Challenges included:

  • Introduce a reliable solution to quickly apply the “Law for Dependent People” in the 17 autonomous regions
  • Implement a case management solution to support execution of the law, such as evaluating dependent statuses, confirming rights to receive benefits, and calculating grants
  • Provide a multi-channel platform for providing information to the public—in person, via the internet, or via the call center

“With our claims management system, built on Oracle’s Siebel applications, we can ensure that we consistently apply the criteria for The Law for Dependent People across more than 1.5 million applicants and 700,000 beneficiaries.” – Javier Ballesteros, Director of Information Technology, Institute for Social Services for Elderly and Dependent (IMSERSO).  Learn more about the benefits.


Tuesday Aug 09, 2011

Looming Healthcare Deadlines Place New Emphasis on Flexible IT Solutions

Looming Healthcare Deadlines Place New Emphasis on Flexible IT Solutions

Government organizations are under pressure to meet the provisions of last year’s Affordable Care Act. At the top of the list is a requirement to launch health insurance exchanges. With deadlines looming and budgets strapped for cash, many states are looking to new IT solutions to help them quickly get new services up and running.

Oracle addresses these needs with
Oracle’s health information exchange solutions, which are built with open standards for securely exchanging electronic health information. Key applications in the portfolio include Oracle’s Siebel Case Management and Oracle Policy Automation. 

Read more.

Thursday May 19, 2011

Montgomery County 311 Wins Gartner Award for Customer Analytics

Montgomery County, Maryland’s MC311 program recently won the 2011 Silver CRM Excellence Award in Customer Analytics from Gartner & 1to1 Media. The MC311 program is a centralized customer service center for the county’s constituents. Prior to the implementation of Siebel CRM 8.1, the county was unable to track the volume or type of requests because they were handled by siloed departments. Today, the MC311 program’s centralized customer service center handles calls to a single phone number and provides a self-service website to enter and track requests, as well access to an extensive knowledgebase on the county’s services.

In this video, Opus Group LLC provide an overview of the project, implementation and results. The impressive results include a 98% accuracy rate for service requests, average call time of 2.5 minutes, 95% of calls answered within 20 seconds and an abandon rate of less than 3%. All of these results exceeded the project’s KPI goals!

Congratulations to the county and Opus Group!


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