Friday Feb 26, 2016

Deliver the Grand Slam with Sales Performance Management

The annual 6 Nations Rugby Championship involving England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales, dates back to 1883, when the four home nations played a round robin event, France joined in 1910, Italy in 2000.

The game of rugby has evolved so much since the start of the Championships, moving from the amateur game of pure power and passion, to a professional era of strategy, intelligence and leadership. Head coaches now enjoy a media spotlight far beyond that of most players, with critical eyes on every aspect of the game. Tracksuits are replaced by something more businesslike and similarly the expectations are all on performance. 

Wales coach Warren Gatland has some big decisions to make

Going into the 2016 Championships England and Wales are joint record holders, with an incredible 26 titles each. What does it take to command this kind of dominance and continually drive high performance over 80 punishing minutes, game-after-game?

Wales’ Gatland is one of the most admired coaches of his generation, with an impressive record at club and international level. During any game, he’s in the stands with his team of staff scrutinising performance data in real time. This is rugby’s knowledge economy where the players take the role of hardworking muscle and await instruction from the brain in the stands.

“In the modern game there has to be a focus on detail as we aim to give the team every possible advantage over all opponents,” says Gatland. "The environment has to continually evolve to embrace all the available advances in game analysis, conditioning, nutrition, rugby skills and medical care."

Gatland's focus on the game of rugby is a lesson for all Sales Leaders. There is no doubt that much of his success comes from his playing and coaching career. He has real experience in the art of the game. But like any art form, there is a science supporting it. 

As with rugby, building a high-performance sales team takes tactful management, constant motivation and targeted mentoring. These qualities come from years of experience, and as a leader you are valued on these talents. However, alongside this experience, you need the intelligence to compete on the world stage, and to do that you need to make well-informed decisions. Only with this insight can you identify the imperfections in your performance and make the move to the big league. 

This is where Sales Performance Management (SPM) technologies come in. They make it easy to design, develop and reward a high-performing sales organization that drives the right behaviours and aligns sales execution with corporate goals. These tools help to coach, incentivize and uncover previously hidden insights, so management decisions can be based on accurate information, not guesswork. 

Oracle tops the tables in Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for Sales Performance Management. Gartner highlight strengths in analytical capabilities, industry specialization, handling complex workloads and an increase in successful cloud deployments.

Get some science into your game plan with the tools to Manage, Motivate and Mentor your sales teams more effectively. As Gatland says, you need to give the team every possible advantage over your opponents. It’s the difference between the Wooden Spoon and the Grand Slam!

Monday Apr 08, 2013

Unfulfilled Promises

By JP Saunders

My head spun as I heard the words "Sorry, our priority boarding policy doesn't include families traveling with infants and small children." I then watched the mom and her three-year-old girl in a wheelchair take their place in the back of the line. [Read More]

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