Wednesday Sep 14, 2011

Learn About Oracle Life Sciences CRM Industry Innovations

Did you know that when a pharmaceutical sales representative actually gets to meet with a doctor, the average presentation time is only a minute and a half? With such brief meetings, common unavailability of wireless access, and regulatory compliance requirements, this is no time to fumble.

Watch this informative, brief video to hear about Oracle’s latest innovations for the life sciences industry, and how Oracle Life Sciences CRM can help you drive sales effectiveness, adapt to changing commercial models, and create continuous customer dialogues.

Learn more about Oracle CRM On Demand for Life Sciences and other great capabilities for life sciences firms.

Tuesday Sep 13, 2011

Add Revenue with Insurance Innovations for CRM

Insurers who are growing engage directly with agents and customers using their preferred channels, measure risk and profitability accurately to enable rapid decision-making, and transform aging IT infrastructure so that the business can drive down costs and protect eroding margins.

Oracle’s latest innovations for the insurance industry can help you increase your premium revenues by optimizing your distribution channel. See a short preview demo on how Oracle increases a channel manager’s productivity, and learn more about the Oracle CRM On Demand Insurance Solution.

Monday Aug 15, 2011

Introducing Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop

With Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop you can now use Microsoft Outlook as your primary CRM interface. Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop combines the best of both world, rich CRM information (including contacts, accounts, opportunities, leads and more) with intuitive Microsoft Outlook user interface sales reps are used to.

Watch this video to learn how Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop can help your sales reps:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Stay within Outlook
  • Tailor to Your Requirements
  • Anytime/Anywhere Information Access

Tuesday Jul 19, 2011

See Oracle CRM Help Insurance Companies Adapt to Customer Needs

Meet Patti, a customer with Alamere Insurance. Last year, Patti was laid off from her job, and she’s been unable to find work. Now, she’s fallen behind on her mortgage payments. Patti needs money urgently or her home will go into foreclosure.

Fortunately for Patti, she has an insurance company that can help her get money out of her existing investments, and can recommend the best course of action using Oracle Insurance applications.

Want to find out how? Watch this new video dramatization of the Alamere Insurance Company to see how Oracle software for the Insurance industry, including the CRM On Demand Insurance Solution, can help your firm help your clients from quotes through claims.

Thursday Jul 07, 2011

See What's New in the Latest Release of Oracle CRM On Demand

Live Date/Time: Tuesday, July 12th | Session starts at 1:30 p.m. PDT / 4:30 p.m. EDT

As part of the CRM and Commerce Online Forum, come hear Anthony Lye present what's new in the latest release of Oracle CRM On Demand. This executive webcast Drive the Most Sales, Marketing, and Service Success with Oracle CRM On Demand closes out the day with a bang.

Learn why more organizations of all types and sizes are standardizing on Oracle CRM On Demand for their most strategic sales, marketing, and service requirements. Find out how this comprehensive SaaS offering enables organizations to get the best insight and increase productivity. See 'live demos' that showcase the many ease-of-use, analytics, collaboration, and role-based productivity features in Oracle CRM On Demand.

Register here.

Wednesday Jun 22, 2011

High Tech Product Companies: Benchmark Your Sales & Marketing Data Management

Aberdeen’s Q4 2010 Quarterly Business Review found that 74% of the Sales and Marketing organizations in High Tech product manufacturing have strategic CRM initiatives in 2011.

Aberdeen Group is conducting a survey that will help high tech product companies such as yours determine the Best-in-Class procedures for capturing, managing, and disseminating business data. If your product company is planning on implementing a CRM solution or is simply evaluating the potential benefits, we would appreciate your feedback in this brief, 10-minute survey. You will be able to compare your experiences in leveraging customer information for sales and marketing compare with your peers, benchmark your performance, and see how you can achieve Best-in-Class results. Individual responses will be kept strictly confidential, and data will only be used in aggregate.

In appreciation for sharing your time and thoughts with us, we will provide complimentary access for you to the full benchmark report as soon as it is published (a $399 value). Take the survey.

Tuesday Jun 07, 2011

Is Your Insurance Company Ready for Hurricane Season?

When I buy property & casualty insurance, I look for carriers that are easy to deal with. When trouble strikes, insurance carriers and agents need to work quickly with their clients.

Watch this new video dramatization of the Alamere Insurance Company to see how Oracle software for the Insurance industry, including the CRM On Demand Insurance Solution, can help your firm help your clients from rate quotes through claims.

Tuesday Apr 19, 2011

Business Intelligence: Model Once, Deploy Everywhere

Our colleague, David Dorf, wrote an interesting post at the Insight-Driven Retailing Blog. You might find these insights useful in your industry, especially if you need insight across CRM and other information repositories.

Business Intelligence has really grown up over the last decade. It has expanded beyond simple reporting to include advanced analytics, alerting, forecasting, collaboration, and even knowledge management. For retailers, many of these functions exist within the enterprise, but they are typically not connected and rarely use common semantics.

CSA BI.PNGWorking with Chain Store Age, we did a survey to find out where retailers need the most help. The results show that consolidation, consistency, and simplification are the main priorities. Most retailers know they own the data to make the right decisions, but they are frustrated at not being able to easily access that information.

The best approach we've found is to model the data once, in a common information model that is comprehensive to the business. Then there are opportunities to deploy the model in different ways to support different functions. But if you don't have that common information model to begin with, you risk complications.

Oracle provides a common information model across disciplines such as finance, labor, and supply chain for its BI Apps. To that we're adding industry domains like merchandising and banking so its possible to combine ERP and industry data yielding a complete view of the business.

Below are links to more information and an upcoming webinar on the topic.

Survey Findings

Webinar: Simplifying Retail BI: How to model once, deploy everywhere, and separate the necessary from the nonsense (Tuesday, April 26, 2011; 2 p.m. ET/ 11 a.m. PT)

Chain Store Age Interview at NRF

Monday Apr 18, 2011

Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment

"The hyper kinetic pace of the buyers' lives, coupled with significant shifts in the buying process makes imperative greater alignment of sales and marketing with each other and with their buyer's goals, needs and wants." -

It makes perfect sense. Sales and marketing working together, creating a holistic view of their customers to create effective campaigns, build stronger pipeline and close more business. However, the main obstacle is disparate sales and marketing systems.

Read "Improving Sales and Marketing Alignment to Generate Better Business Results", a white paper by, and discover how Oracle CRM On Demand can help your organization to enhance sales and marketing effectiveness.


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