Wednesday Nov 20, 2013

Oracle RightNow Cloud Service November 2013 Release – A Radically Different Level of Service by JP Saunders

The November 2013 release of Oracle RightNow Cloud Service enables you to deliver a radically different level of service with the new Virtual Assistant, chat page peek, and a variety of enhancements to Agent Mobile App.

Personalize Your Service Interactions (VA)

The virtual assistant provides everything you need to give your customers the best personalized service during their online experience. It has:

  • The foresight to know when to engage proactively and when to be on standby ready to assist on request.
  • Robust human-like conversational and language capabilities to ask and truly understand HUMAN speak. Intelligence to remember (with session memory) and predict HUMAN intent (with deep NLP)
  • Deep insights, access and learning though its connectivity to data, channels and knowledge, which can be used to personalize the interaction
  • The ability to make related recommendations and offers during the transactions to boost sales

…and it does all of this while stepping customers through questions and answers, chats and forms to ensure they get to resolution or completion, as opposed to just pointing to answers.

Provide Agent with Context of Customer Journey

When a customer is shopping on your online store, we can leverage the context of the webpage they are on, the history for how they got there, the specific customer’s information, and an service agent’s availability, to intelligently prompt the customer to join a chat session or offer a call back to provide assistance. Now with new page peek functionality, service agents are provided with a rendering of the page a visitor was on when they engaged in a live agent interaction. Page peek can be configured to hide or mask sensitive data such as account numbers or credit card numbers so they are not displayed to the agent. This visual representation eliminates the need for the visitor to go into detail about what they are trying to accomplish, what problem they may be experiencing, or what product or service they may be interested in. This gives the agent instant insight and a head start in anticipating next steps necessary to resolve the visitor’s issue.

Untether from the Contact Center

An agent’s ability to adapt to the needs of customers can require them to have access to customer data and interactions when then are away from their desk, giving them more flexibility and freedom to increase their performance in delivering timely and accurate resolutions. In support of this, the November 2013 release of the Agent Mobile App includes: the ability to create and edit contacts; access to survey result history; ability to forward incidents, tasks, and answers; and the ability customize lists and other Mobile Workspaces. And all these capabilities and more are now supported on Apple’s iPhone, as well as on the IPad.

For more information on these high-value features, please watch the Oracle RightNow Cloud Service – November 2013 Release Overview or read the Oracle RightNow Cloud Service – November 2013 Capabilities and Benefits.

Thursday Dec 06, 2012

BYOD-The Tablet Difference

By Allison Kutz, Lindsay Richardson, and Jennifer Rossbach, Sales Consultants

Less than three years ago, Apple introduced a new concept to the world: The Tablet. It’s hard to believe that in only 32 months, the iPad induced an entire new way to do business. Because of their mobility and ease-of-use, tablets have grown in popularity to keep up with the increasing “on the go” lifestyle, and their popularity isn’t expected to decrease any time soon. In fact, global tablet sales are expected to increase drastically within the next five years, from 56 million tablets to 375 million by 2016.

Tablets have been utilized for every function imaginable in today’s world. With over 730,000 active applications available for the iPad, these tablets are educational devices, portable book collections, gateways into social media, entertainment for children when Mom and Dad need a minute on their own, and so much more. It’s no wonder that 74% of those who own a tablet use it daily, 60% use it several times a day, and an average of 13.9 hours per week are spent tapping away.

Tablets have become a critical part of a user’s personal life; but why stop there? Businesses today are taking major strides in implementing these devices, with the hopes of benefiting from efficiency and productivity gains. Limo and taxi drivers use tablets as payment devices instead of traditional cash transactions. Retail outlets use tablets to find the exact merchandise customers are looking for. Professors use tablets to teach their classes, and business professionals demonstrate solutions and review reports from tablets.

Since an overwhelming majority of tablet users have started to use their personal iPads, PlayBooks, Galaxys, etc. in the workforce, organizations have had to make a change. In many cases, companies are willing to make that change. In fact, 79% of companies are making new investments in mobility this year. Gartner reported that 90% of organizations are expected to support corporate applications on personal devices by 2014.

It’s not just companies that are changing. Business professionals have become accustomed to tablets making their personal lives easier, and want that same effect in the workplace. Professionals no longer want to waste time manually entering data in their computer, or worse yet in a notebook, especially when the data has to be later transcribed to an online system.

The response: the Bring Your Own Device phenomenon. According to Gartner, BYOD is “an alternative strategy allowing employees, business partners and other users to utilize a personally selected and purchased client device to execute enterprise applications and access data.” Employees whose companies embrace this trend are more efficient because they get to use devices they are already accustomed to.

Tablets change the game when it comes to how sales professionals perform their jobs. Sales reps can easily store and access customer information and analytics using tablet applications, such as Oracle Fusion Tap. This method is much more enticing for sales reps than spending time logging interactions on their (what seem to be outdated) computers. Forrester & IDC reported that on average sales reps spend 65% of their time on activities other than selling, so having a tablet application to use on the go is extremely powerful. In February, Information Week released a list of “9 Powerful Business Uses for Tablet Computers,” ranging from “enhancing the customer experience” to “improving data accuracy” to “eco-friendly motivations”. Tablets compliment the lifestyle of professionals who strive to be effective and efficient, both in the office and on the road.

Three Things Businesses Need to do to Embrace BYOD

  • Make customer-facing websites tablet-friendly for consistent user experiences
  • Develop tablet applications to continue to enhance the customer experience
  • Embrace and use the technology that comes with tablets

Almost 55 million people in the U.S. own tablets because they are convenient, easy, and powerful. These are qualities that companies strive to achieve with any piece of technology. The inherent power of the devices coupled with the growing number of business applications ensures that tablets will transform the way that companies and employees perform.

Wednesday Apr 18, 2012

See Oracle CX and CRM at Collaborate 2012 in Las Vegas

The Collaborate conference takes place next week, April 22-26, in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. You'll see some great speakers, such as Oracle's CIO, Mark Sunday, speaking on IT at Oracle: The Art of IT Transformation to Enable Business Growth. Another great speaker is Captain Mark Kelly, Commander of the Space Shuttle Endeavor.

But that's not all. We will have great CRM/CX sessions and product demos. Our sessions will present overviews and roadmaps about Fusion, Siebel, and mobile CRM applications. Our demos will present Fusion CRM and Oracle Optimized Solutions, Customer Experience (CX) for Commerce and Marketing, and CX for Service and Support. The CX demos will showcase Oracle Commerce (ATG), Oracle Guided Search and Navigation (Endeca), Oracle Knowledge (InQuira), and RightNow CX.

Learn more and plan to join us!


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