Friday Nov 16, 2012

Announcing Oracle Knowledge 8.5: Even Superheroes Need Upgrades

It’s no secret that we like Iron Man here at Oracle. We've certainly got stuff in common: one of the world’s largest technology companies and one of the world’s strongest technology-driven superheroes. If you've seen the recent Iron Man movies, you might have even noticed some of our servers sitting in Tony Stark’s lab. Heck, our CEO made a cameo appearance in one of the movies.

Yeah, we’re fans. Especially as Iron Man is a regular guy with some amazing technology – like us. But Like all great things even Superheroes need upgrades, whether it’s their suit, their car or their spacestation.

Oracle certainly has its share of advanced technology.  For example, Oracle acquired InQuira in 2011 after years of watching the company advance the science of Knowledge Management.  And it was some extremely super technology.  At that time, Forrester’s Kate Leggett wrote about it in ‘Standalone Knowledge Management Is Dead With Oracle's Announcement To Acquire InQuira’ saying ‘Knowledge, accessible via web self-service or agent UIs, is a critical customer service component for industries fielding repetitive questions about policies, procedures, products, and solutions.’  One short sentence that amounts to a very tall order. 

Since the acquisition our KM scientists have been hard at work in their labs. Today Oracle announced its first major knowledge management release since its acquisition of InQuira: Oracle Knowledge 8.5. We’ve put a massively-upgraded supersuit on our KM solution because we still have bad guys to fight. And we are very proud to say that we went way beyond our original plans.

So what, exactly, did we do in Oracle Knowledge 8.5? We did what any high-tech super-scientist would do. We made Oracle Knowledge smarter, stronger and faster.  This is a KM superhero worth cheering for.

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Monday Jan 23, 2012

Cost Pressure versus Satisfaction Demand

The pressure on Service Executives today comes from both ends. You are being asked to lower your costs to help meet corporate financial goals, and customers are demanding faster, better service to help them meet their goals.


Although these goals seem to conflict, there are ways to do both. Knowledge Management tools have been around for a long time, but companies are getting varying levels of success. Along with the right tools, you also need to have the right vision for implementing those tools in a way that meets your financial and operational objectives.


Taking advantage of today’s advanced integration of industry proven solutions can help you both lower costs and improve customer service.


This white paper, “Lower Costs and Boost Customer Loyalty by Injecting Knowledge into CRM” will give you some of the vision and guidance needed to implement a successful operational change that will help you succeed in both internal and external arenas.  Check it out, and let us know how we can help you move forward down the path to success.

Monday Dec 12, 2011

Intelligence, Collaboration, Insight

Three key elements of a winning formula for customer support. Customers want to find answers fast. Agents that have instant access to the collective knowledge of the entire team, plus the insight of who is asking, and the context of the situation, have the ability to wow a customer. Forcing agents, or customers, to research a solution that has previously been researched, wastes their time and delays the solution. Making a customer explain the context of the issue multiple times, causes frustration, not satisfaction.


These issues, and many more, are addressed with Knowledge-Infused CRM. Capture knowledge as it is created. Quickly make that new knowledge available to everyone that needs it. Eliminate costly redundant research. Provide more correct answers faster, through your web self service site. Give customers a positive experience that increases their loyalty. Learn how to make all of this a reality.


Knowledge-Infused Customer Relationship Management: A Game-Changing Investment for Customer Support, is a white paper that will help you develop a vision and strategy for lowering your costs while increasing your level of service.


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