Thursday Apr 26, 2012

Fusion CRM: Sales Teams Define New User Experience

One of the advantages of building a new application from the ground up is you can define a whole new user experience. And that's exactly what Arin Bhowmick, Director, CRM User Experience (UX) at Oracle, and his team of UX experts did for Oracle Fusion CRM and other Fusion applications

Uncovering What Salespeople Really Need

“The keys to building the best user experience were building in a lot of flexibility in ways to support sales, and being useful,” Bhowmick said. “We did that by talking to and analyzing the needs of a lot of people in different roles.”

The team studied real-life sales teams. “We wanted to study salespeople in context with their work,” Bhowmick said. “We studied all user types in the CRM world because we wanted to build a user interface and user experience that would cater to sales representatives, marketing managers, sales managers, and more. Not only did we do studies in our labs, but also we did studies in the field and in mobile environments because salespeople are always on the go."

Watch Arin discuss the process in this video:

Based on the feedback, the team did a great job! For more information on the UX design process go to the User Experience website.  

Sunday Apr 22, 2012

Make the Most of Your CRM Implementation with the Customer Concepts TV Show

Eliminate the guesswork in your sales organisation by joining Customer Concepts TV, 24 April,  11am CET / 10am BST. Strategies will be examined to help you make the most out of your CRM implementation. Watch this video for more information:

Friday Apr 20, 2012

Eliminate the Guesswork in Your Sales Organization:
EMEA Customer Concepts TV Show

Selling is the lifeblood of every business. In the past, companies would increase headcount to boost sales. In today’s business environment, companies need to re-evaluate the way in which they sell. Sales and marketing organisations must optimize performance, increase team productivity and focus on the best opportunities.

Oracle Fusion CRM has been specifically designed with tools to help sales and marketing teams improve efficiency and drive revenue. Territory modeling and management, quota and commission management, collaborative features, real-time customer information and mobile device integration are just some features incorporated.

Join us on Customer Concepts TV as we aim to help you find the right strategy for your enterprise. Whether you already have a CRM solution in place or are looking for the next level of CRM implementation, this online TV show will give you very practical advice that can help you to make the most out of your CRM implementation.

Register now to preview the show and reserve your spot for this exclusive, live-stream event. Customer Concepts TV comes to you on 24 April, 11am Central European Time / 10am BST.

Sell smarter with Fusion CRM in the cloud.

Wednesday Apr 18, 2012

See Oracle CX and CRM at Collaborate 2012 in Las Vegas

The Collaborate conference takes place next week, April 22-26, in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. You'll see some great speakers, such as Oracle's CIO, Mark Sunday, speaking on IT at Oracle: The Art of IT Transformation to Enable Business Growth. Another great speaker is Captain Mark Kelly, Commander of the Space Shuttle Endeavor.

But that's not all. We will have great CRM/CX sessions and product demos. Our sessions will present overviews and roadmaps about Fusion, Siebel, and mobile CRM applications. Our demos will present Fusion CRM and Oracle Optimized Solutions, Customer Experience (CX) for Commerce and Marketing, and CX for Service and Support. The CX demos will showcase Oracle Commerce (ATG), Oracle Guided Search and Navigation (Endeca), Oracle Knowledge (InQuira), and RightNow CX.

Learn more and plan to join us!

Thursday Apr 12, 2012

Why The Athene Group Chose Fusion CRM

A guest post by Vikas Bhambri, Managing Partner, The Athene Group

This year, The Athene Group ( celebrated our tenth anniversary. The company has accomplished a lot in ten years overcoming a number of hurdles and challenges to have grown organically to a 150+ person global company with offices in the US, UK, and India and customers in the US, Canada, and Europe. Now more than ever with the current global landscape from an economic and competitive standpoint it was vital that we make some changes to remain successful for the next ten years. There were two key initiatives that we discussed internally that would enable us to successfully accomplish this – collaboration and the concept of “insight to action”.

With our existing Oracle CRM On Demand platform we had components of this but not the full depth and breadth that we were looking for. When we started to discuss Fusion CRM we immediately saw several next generation tools that would embrace these two objectives. For a consulting and development organization the collaboration required between business development and consulting delivery is as important as the collaboration required during the projects between the project delivery and account management teams. The Activity Streams functionality in Fusion CRM immediately addressed the communication of key discussion topics and exchanges around our clients. Of course when we saw the Oracle Social Network (which is part of our Fusion CRM roadmap) we were blown away. The combination OSN and our CRM is going to make us more effective as we discuss and work cohesively on client engagements – ensuring mutual success for both Athene and our clients.

When we looked at “insight to action” we saw that we had a great platform when folks were at their desks, unfortunately a lot of our business development and consulting folks are on the road. The Fusion Mobile Sales and Fusion Outlook Desktop provide information to our teams when they are on the go. So that they can provide real-time information and react to real-time information provided by their peers.

We are in the early stages of our transformative experience with Fusion CRM but we believe the platform along with our people and processes are going to help us achieve our goals in the future.

Friday Feb 03, 2012

Increase your CRM Knowledge

Looking for something to watch when you are done with all of the pre-Superbowl hype or seen enough of the shell with shoes on videos? Check out what our friends at Oracle University have been working on: The Oracle Learning Library. Click on the "Siebel" channel link and you will find tutorials, demos and other useful resources. 

And continue to check back since Oracle University continues to add more titles and will cover additional CRM products (hint: more coming on Fusion CRM).      


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