Tuesday Jul 10, 2012

Communications: Customer Experience

Imagine, what would a totally new customer experience look like in Communications?

Could a customer research comments from social networks, buy online and be geo directed to a nearby store to pick up the device?  Could the customer be contacted proactively that he is approaching a data threshold for a smart phone and be offered value added options to manage usage? Could the customer upgrade video features interactively and leverage loyalty points for payment? Watch this short Communications Customer Experience story to see how these these challenges are met and exceeded.  

Learn about the Oracle Customer Experience and Oracle Communications.

Thursday Jun 21, 2012

Experience the Revolution

Bold shifts in consumer power and influence have created an Experience Revolution! Is your business ready? Join Oracle President Mark Hurd in New York City on 6/25 to find out! 

Monday Jun 18, 2012

The “Customer” Experience Revolution is Here

A guest post by Anthony Lye, SVP, CRM, Oracle

The Experience Revolution is here, and we are going to explore and celebrate our new customer experience (CX) ventures and strategy in an extraordinary way. In true Oracle fashion, we are hosting an exceptional event, bringing together customer experience advocates, visionaries and practitioners to discover and define Oracle’s Customer Experience vision.

At The Experience Revolution, Oracle President Mark Hurd will detail the vision of where customer experience is going and how Oracle will help you get there. He will introduce for the first time Oracle Customer Experience, a cross stack suite of customer experience products that enable organizations to:

  • Engage customers with a consistent, connected and personalized brand experience across all channels and devices
  • Deliver exceptional cross-channel order fulfillment and customer service through web, call centers and social networks
  • Connect and analyze data from all interactions to better personalize experiences and identify hidden opportunities

The Experience Revolution will also include an interactive gallery of customer experience interactions, featuring videos, touch screens and near field communication technology that will guide each attendee through an individualized event experience.

We hope you will join us for an incredible evening on June 25, from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. at Gotham Hall in New York City.  You can register for The Experience Revolution here.

And if you haven’t already joined the conversation on Twitter, please do:  #OracleCX, #ExperienceRevolution

Thursday May 31, 2012

“Big Data” Is A Small Concept Unless You Can Apply It To The Customer Experience

There’s been a lot of recent talk in the industry about “big data”.  Much can be said about the importance of big data and the results from it, but you need to always consider the customer experience when analyzing and applying customer data.

Personalization and merchandising drive the user experience.  Big data should enable you to gain valuable insight into each of your customers and apply that insight at the moment they are on your Web site, talking to one of your call center agents, or any other touchpoint.  While past customer experience is important, you need to combine that with what your customer is doing on your Web site now as well what they are doing and saying on social networking sites.  It’s key to have a 360 degree view of your customer across all of your touchpoints in order to provide that relevant and consistent experience that they come to expect when interacting with your brand.

Big data can enable you to effectively market, merchandize, and recommend the right products to the right customers and the right time.  By taking customer data and applying it to product recommendations, you have an opportunity to gain a greater share of wallet through the cross-selling and up-selling of additional products and services.  You can also build sustaining loyalty programs to continue to engage with your customers throughout their long-term relationship with your brand.

Thursday Apr 05, 2012

Webcast: Leveraging Mobile And Social Commerce To Deliver A Complete Customer Experience

  Mobile and social media are emerging as new channels for customers to interact and transact with brands. Mobile users demand experiences that are relevant and engaging and are designed with the capabilities and constraints of devices in mind. Just having a mobile app or mobile-specific website is not a long-term strategy. Brands must invest in an optimized experience, especially as mobile becomes critical to an overall digital commerce strategy.

Debating the merits of using Facebook or not is missing the point when it comes to social media. True innovators are thinking beyond the social channel and are building programs that leverage Facebook data to drive conversions and engagement both on and off Facebook.  Learn how to be more strategic about mobile and social commerce in this informative editorial webcast.

Attend this webcast and you will learn:
  • How to leverage mobile and social touchpoints in digital commerce
  • Why having a Facebook page or a mobile app is not enough
  • The benefits of a consistent, personalized and relevant customer experience
  • Strategies for integrating mobile and social into an overall digital commerce strategy

Featured Speakers:

  • Peter Sheldon, Senior Analyst, eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals, Forrester Research
  • Brenna Johnson, Product Manager, Oracle Commerce

Click here to register.

Monday Apr 02, 2012

Transforming Customer Experiences Through Agile Commerce With Forrester Research’s Brian Walker – April 4th Webinar

eBusiness today has fundamentally changed. Platforms and technologies must be flexible to support a number of business functions - marketing, merchandising, shopping, customer service - across a variety of digital channels and provide customers with a seamless, well-designed brand experience.

Join us for this complimentary webinar on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 at 12:00pm ET as Forrester Research’s Brian Walker provides expert insight on:
  • The latest innovations, best practices, and industry trends in agile commerce, and how brands can maximize efforts
  • How forward-thinking companies today are leveraging technology to deliver powerful customer experiences across touchpoints 
  • The future of eBusiness and agile commerce
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Wednesday Mar 07, 2012

It’s No Longer Channels, But Customer Touchpoints

eTail West was a full three days last week of retail and commerce coming together in Palm Desert, CA.  There were lots of great keynotes, breakout sessions, and tracks. As I walked the floor and listened to presenters I got a sense that a lot of companies continue to talk about “cross-channel experience”.

Those of us in the commerce world and those dipping your toes into it must start thinking beyond individual siloed channels and start thinking about customer touchpoints.  Today, there are so many ways that customers engage with you, be it mobile, PC, social, kiosk, store, etc. and it’s so important to marry the customer experience – which needs to be consistent – to the specific device that the customer is using at that point in time.  And as that customer moves from one touchpoint to another, they expect that the company continues to know who they are and provides personalized, relevant content.

Wednesday Jan 25, 2012

Live Webcast: Oracle and RightNow, Powering Great Customer Experiences

Join Oracle for a live Webcast

Oracle and RightNow, Powering Great Customer Experience
Tuesday, January 31, 2012
9:00 a.m. PT / 12:00 p.m. ET

Across industries, executives are realizing that we have entered a new era. It's the era of the empowered consumer, where success can only be achieved by delivering great customer experiences.

Join Oracle President Mark Hurd and senior executives from Oracle and RightNow to learn more about our strategy and combined, best-in-class solutions that will transform the way organizations deliver great customer experiences across every channel to achieve sustainable business advantage.

Together, Oracle and RightNow will:

  • Enable unified, personalized and relevant customer experiences across all channels and customer touchpoints along the entire customer journey.
  • Offer a best-in-class customer service that delivers exceptional experiences across the web, social networks and contact centers.
  • Help organizations accelerate the acquisition of new customers, maximize customer retention, and improve operational efficiency.
Don't miss this important webcast.

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Monday Nov 07, 2011

Do you have a Services Social Media Strategy?

At this year’s Technology Services World (TSW) in Las Vegas, Social Media was again/still one of the buzz words. There were several sessions covering how various companies are dealing with the social side of business. Having also struggled with how to incorporate social into support, I know it is not an easy problem to solve. In some cases social tools, like Twitter, do not really help you service your customers, but they certainly help you find the ones you did not service very well. If you are not plugged in, there could be entire conversations going on about you or your brand without your involvement.

Companies have started creating positions aimed at getting social understood and leveraged. You are starting to see positions like “Director of Social Interaction” and “Vice President of Social Strategies”. I believe companies that take this movement seriously will come out ahead of their competitors. Companies that ignore it, or are slow to address it, will likely reduce in size and influence.

If how to address social in your business is keeping you up at night, take a few minutes and check out this white paper: Four Fundamentals for Using Social Networks to Improve the Customer Experience. Let me know your thoughts.

Monday Jun 20, 2011

Forrester- The Right Customer Experience Strategy

I am blogging from a warm, sunny NYC today. We are here, sponsoring and attending Forrester's Customer Experience Forum 2011.

Customer Experience Management has been a key area of focus for us in CRM. Our VP of CRM and eCommerce Product Marketing Kirk Mosher will be the first presenter of the Day (Tuesday morning at 7.30 am) with a breakfast session titled "Winning With A Superior Cross-Channel Customer Experience" .

We are also showcasing some exciting new demos across our CRM and Commerce product lines in the areas of Integrated Sales and Marketing, Multi-Channel Commerce and Integrated Outlook and Mobile solutions on the demo floor. For those of you who are attending, do stop by, and see the latest in CRM innovations from Oracle, and talk to some experienced sales consultants.

You can find more information about Oracle's CRM solutions here.



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