Tuesday Feb 26, 2013

Crafting the Cross-Channel Experience For Communications

What Communications Service Provider (CSP) is not being challenged these days?  Customers demand more and more from their network and expect to be dazzled at every moment.  Customers are tempted by rich video content, social networking, and a plethora of apps.  Social networks can mean customers are even more likely to stray to a competitor or publicly speak about brands that fail to live up to their expectations.  Nurturing brand consistency across a variety of channels is essential for forward-thinking operators as they look to build lasting relationships with customers and avoid churn.

Leading CSPs are benefiting from this changing landscape and social movement by using monitoring tools that listen to social conversations around their brands, and deflect customer interactions from assisted channels to unassisted channels as part of a drive to lower costs to serve subscribers.   That’s why getting buy-in from these customers across social channels is vital for CSPs moving forward. It involves instant returns when done correctly and allows operators to offer promotions and bundles to a wider audience. Being able to support and leverage the interest of consumers and use social knowledge  as an enabler will win CSPs fans and allow them to gain market share in the process—and that is good for business.  Read more.

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Want to begin the journey - read more about Oracle’s Communications Customer Experience.

Tuesday Sep 18, 2012

Oracle Commerce Best Practices for the Communications Industry


In today’s volatile economy, Communications Service Providers are challenged to offer a complete, cross-channel commerce experience. With Oracle Commerce solutions, CSPs can get closer to customers and gain valuable insight to maximize ROI across all commerce activities. Join us for a  live webcast on September 26th with featured speakers Raghavendra Ademane, Omni-Channel Commerce Consultant at Professional Access and Brenna Johnson, Product Manager, Oracle and learn how you can manage and deliver commerce experiences for Communications that engage customers and promote loyalty.

The panelists will guide you through a number of topics including:

  • Current Communications market trends, opportunities and challenges
  • Introduction to the Oracle Commerce solution with case studies
  • Demonstration of the solution for Communications with live Q&A

Register today and learn how Oracle's latest innovations for Communications can help you increase online sales and enhance cross-channel commerce interactions.

Tuesday Jul 10, 2012

Communications: Customer Experience

Imagine, what would a totally new customer experience look like in Communications?

Could a customer research comments from social networks, buy online and be geo directed to a nearby store to pick up the device?  Could the customer be contacted proactively that he is approaching a data threshold for a smart phone and be offered value added options to manage usage? Could the customer upgrade video features interactively and leverage loyalty points for payment? Watch this short Communications Customer Experience story to see how these these challenges are met and exceeded.  

Learn about the Oracle Customer Experience and Oracle Communications.

Wednesday Jun 13, 2012

Communications: BSNL Unifies The Customer Experience

Hear how BSNL achieved a unified customer experience across channels.  BSNL is India's number one telecommunications operator with 70M mobile customers and 20M wired customers. They consolidated 330 different districts and customer experiences into a single customer experience across the contact center, web, email and SMS.  Click here to listen to their journey. Read more about Oracle Communications.

Tuesday Apr 24, 2012

Grameenphone Completes Customer Calls 166% Faster, Grows Subscriber Base by 56% in Two Years


Grameenphone is Bangladesh’s leading mobile telecommunications service provider whose subscriber base consists of prepaid (97%) and postpaid (3%) cell phone users.  The company operates more than 13,000 cell phone base stations at approximately 7,000 locations across Bangladesh and has about 5,000 employees.  

Until late 2009, Grameenphone used approximately 40 applications to manage customer interactions, billing, and campaign management functions for its cell phone subscribers. These applications were not integrated, which meant it took too long for the contact center staff—who had to switch between multiple screens—to handle customer calls. Grameenphone also believed its customer churn rate (the proportion of subscribers who leave during a given time period) was related to product offers not being targeted enough to subscribers.

Grameenphone engaged Oracle Partner Wipro to deploy Siebel customer relationship management (CRM) products. The CRM system enabled fast and effective order management, reduced call handling times and subscriber churn rates, increased the number of targeted marketing campaigns that can be created each month, and helped convert more leads into paying customers. Customer data such as names, addresses and transaction information are stored in the Oracle Database 11g.

“The Siebel CRM and communications system helped us create more targeted campaigns and has improved customer service, which played a key role in the 56% growth of our subscriber base to 36 million in two years,” said Asif Naimur Rashid, general manager and head of enterprise planning, Grameenphone.  Read the full customer story here.

Tuesday Feb 21, 2012

Are You Meeting Communications Consumer Demands in an Increasingly Mobile, Service-Oriented World?

Today's telecommunications consumers expect a more personalized customer experience. This requires communications service providers (CSPs) to act more like retailers than traditional telcos.  Listen to the replay of this webcast with industry leading analyst, Analysis Mason, and Oracle. You will learn how you can convert online visitors to buyers and more.

Wednesday Feb 15, 2012

Telecommunications - Boost Online and Cross Channel Revenue

Consumers expect a personalized customer experience in which communications service providers (CSPs) act more like retailers.  As a result, CSPs must streamline sales and marketing tactics to provide a consistent brand and service-focused sales culture.  Tune into this informative webinar to explore successful  e-commerce strategies for telecommunications that can:  

  • Increase conversions of visitors to customers by 16%
  • Increase online orders by more than 50%
  • Greatly reduce the cost of processing online orders

Featuring distinguished presenters from Analysys Mason and Oracle, this webinar will reveal cross-channel marketing and sales strategies for providing a uniform, personalized buying experience. It will also explain how CSPs can easily adopt sound retail standards. Presenters include:

  • Mark Mortensen, Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason
  • David Fan, Senior Director, CRM Product Management, Oracle

Listen to the full webcast replay here.

Tuesday Nov 08, 2011

Accelerate Offer Time to Market For Communication Service Providers

Accelerate Your Offer Time to Market

Advanced Central Order Management Systems drive positive service provider business metrics:

  • Fast Offer time to Market
  • Cross Channel Ordering and Fulfillment
  • Short Order cycle time
  • Lower Operational costs

Oracle invites you to visit a dedicated Order Management Resource Centre and discover Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery (RODOD) solution. Watch Customer Reference Videos in our Showcase section including: Korea Telecom, Telecom Malaysia and COLT.

Access our Order Management Demo Studio and review the End to End RODOD solution with different business scenarios including Unified Offer Design, Cross Channel Ordering & Fulfillment and Order Life Cycle Management

Are you RODOD ready? Take a RODOD assessment to help you quantify the potential impact of an intelligent order management solution on your business. Our experts will be happy to discuss how you can realize that potential by contacting you directly.

Understand the Analysts view of this world-class solution and see why the TM Forum have certified it against their business process frameworxs

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Tuesday Oct 25, 2011

Sprint Becomes More Efficient When Customers Go Online

Watch and listen to Sprint's success using Oracle's ATG Web Commerce to support key customer experience objectives.  This includes achieving a more personalized on-line experience and moving customers to their website from call centers.  Recent results include a 25% growth in Ecare self-service. Another focus includes a new community site with ratings and reviews to support the purchase process.  Also read here to learn more about Oracle's ATG Web Commerce solutions.

Tuesday Sep 06, 2011

Better Engage Customers with Oracle CRM for Communications

Major challenges and opportunities in the Communications industry often include cross channel customer experience and data services expansion.  Watch this short video on Oracle’s latest CRM Industry Innovations for Communications that enable a cross-channel customer experience, rapid introduction of new services and advanced product promotions.  Includes a short preview demo by Oracle expert Brenda Harris of CRM Product Management for Communications.

Read more about Oracle’s offerings for Communications including Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery.  Listen to experiences with fast effective Order Management.


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