Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

ICMI Webcast: 5 Low or No Cost Ways to Train Agents in the Modern Contact Center by Justin Robbins and Tuula Fai

As contact centers evolve and expand into new channels to meet continuously changing customer demands, the need and requirement for in-depth, comprehensive training has become greater. While old principles and established methodologies will get you some of the way, it has become necessary to step into “unfamiliar territory” to fully meet the training needs of today's modern agent.

As contact center leaders, it’s our obligation and responsibility to ensure that we’re providing our team with the tools, resources, and knowledge to be successful in their roles. While we can and should continue to rely on many of the established practices of training in the past, new channels and new customer segments require us to continuously evaluate our topic matter and methodology for training. That can be costly and time-consuming.

ICMI has identified the top training needs of the modern contact center. In this Thursday's webcast at 1 pm EST (April 23), ICMI will share ideas on low or no-cost ways for you to develop your contact center team members.

During this webinar, you will learn:
  • 5 critical concepts for training in the modern contact center
  • 3 barriers to learning and how to overcome them
  • Top tips for delivering budget-friendly training and development programs

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Featured Speakers

Justin Robbins, Community Manager, ICMI

Justin Robbins is a contact center and talent development expert with over a decade of experience leading customer service organizations. He got his start in contact centers as a teenager doing cold-call outbound sales for newspaper subscriptions. Since then, he's moved from agent to senior leader, worked in and with inbound and outbound centers ranging in size from 5 to 2500+, and gained experience in a number of industries including hospitality, technology, manufacturing, and education. Most recently, Justin developed the training and professional certification programs for the International Customer Management Institute and has personally trained thousands of individuals around the globe on contact center best practices. You can reach Justin on-line at: www.twitter.com/justinmrobbins | www.linkedin.com/in/justinmrobbins | jrobbins@icmi.com 

Jana Meyers, Director - Training, Development and Support, American Century Investments

As Director, Jana is responsible for oversight for training, blended learning, internal communications, performance support and project support for American Century’s Direct investor channel. Jana Meyers joined American Century in the late 1990s and has had a widely-ranging financial services career, including residential and commercial real estate servicing, life and health insurance support and working as a registered representative in the mutual fund industry. Ms. Meyers has many years of management and quality assurance experience and has spoken at several quality conferences. She is a board member for the Quality Assurance and Training Connection (QATC) and a member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD).

Joe Landers, Client Success Manager, Oracle

Joe Landers, Client Success Manager at Oracle, helps organizations design a Customer Experience strategy that simultaneously delights customers and drives the bottom line. Joe has over 20 years of experience working as a manager of call center operations in the U.S. and overseas, including in outsourcing environments.

Kristine Chisholm, Customer Service/Training Administrator, ICMI

Kristine is Customer Service/Training Administrator for ICMI.  She assists with all aspects of the ICMI training business.

Monday Sep 22, 2014

Do your customers know more than your agents? Shift the equation with this webcast Thurs., Sept. 25 at 2 pm ET featuring Amberleaf

Have you ever called a contact center and known more about the company’s products and services than the agent? Or been bounced around to several different agents before you got the right answer?

That’s a recipe for customer service disaster. Don’t let that happen to your organization.

Tune into this webcast on Thursday, September 25 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET to become the Master Chef of modern customer service with best practices from Amberleaf President John Kariotis. 

Over the last 15 years, John has helped hundreds of companies transform their contact centers into modern customer service organizations.

He’ll share customer success stories – and pitfalls to watch out for – so you can accelerate your own success.

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Wednesday Apr 17, 2013

The Value of Enterprise Specific “Social Data” - Social Data within Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM)

This is the first in a series of guest posts from Don Springer, VP Product Development for Oracle Social and Pat Ma, Principal Product Marketing Director for CX and CRM on the value of leveraging social data across your enterprise.

Lately, we have been meeting with marketing, sales, services and IT executives at very large Financial Services, Consumer Products, Retail and Technology companies. They have all made significant progress in deploying social customer relationship management (Social CRM) capabilities, but are looking for more automated and powerful ways to socially enable their external customer facing functions. In essence, they want to do more with their Social Data. With enterprise data growth expected to continue at 40% through 2020, driven by consumer generated content, getting value from this data is becoming increasingly and strategically important.

In this post, we’ll cover the basics of first implementing a Social CRM approach, and the value your enterprise specific social data. In a future blog post, we will cover more advanced “next” steps in how to leverage social data within your enterprise’s Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Customer Experience Management deployed applications and systems.

Below is a diagram that highlights a general process for leveraging Social Data as part of an overall Social CRM approach. Think of this as a process that tracks your social efforts across your customers’ life-cycles, starting with listening and point-to-point engagement to more broadcast communications efforts in a repeatable and flexible fashion.

Social CRM Process


1. Listen.  The enterprise wants to listen to what people (customers, prospects, and influencers) are saying about their brand on social media channels.

  • Your customers are talking about your brand on social media channels. They are posting, tweeting, commenting, sharing, complaining and liking your brand.
  • Through Social Listening, the enterprise should figure out what their constituents are saying en mass, analyze sentiment, hear what they like and don’t like about your product, and know if they intend to purchase your product or not.
  • Your social listening approach needs to be accurate and filter out the irrelevant “noise”, to get to pure customer signal for analytics and engagement.

2. Engagement (1-on-1) The enterprise wants to engage with relevant social signals to interact with their customers, and determine how those 1-on-1 engagements perform. 

  • This can be done by asking your customers various questions, responding to their posts and comments, and creating engagement applications like contests and polls. 
  • Your social engagement should be used to listen and respond to social posts. Social posts should be automatically categorized by your Listen engine and flow from multiple social networks into one “inbox” designed to make managing your community easy and efficient, within your appropriate business function (sales, marketing and support).

3. Content and Apps (within your Enterprise’s Social Assets) The enterprise should leverage the lessons learned from your 1:1 engagements to scale what works within relevant content and apps you create, whether it’s user-generated contests, polls, videos, or other interactive content.

4. Publish (message through your social channels’ communities) The enterprise should continue to build on its learning on all your interactions with your fans and followers to publish and amplify relevant content to multiple social media channels.

  • Create great looking landing pages and publish to multiple social networks or embed on any website. 
  • This should be done specifically within your various channels focused on marketing, sales, service, and commerce.

5. Managed Workflows The enterprise should develop and deploy specific workflows so your assigned business functions (Sales, Marketing, Service and Commerce) are communicating the right message to the right customer at the right place and the right time.  

  • Social media teams are growing and becoming more global. Why take the risk of someone in your organization publishing off-brand information?
  • By using your listening engine to auto-tag customer signals, managed by function appropriate workflows, you can better control your points of communication (1:1, through content, apps and publishing) to improve ROI.

6. Analytics. The enterprise should create a culture that always analyzes your results and metrics to quickly capture lessons learned to establish a continuous improvement process.

  • This will enable you to show ROI on all your social media investments, pre, during & post-campaign across your owned & earned media to improve social performance.
  • This helps you optimize your efforts over time to get more lift and value from your resource and communications spend.

Makes Sense?

Once your enterprise has this Social CRM approach in place and functioning, you can take the broader “next” step to amplify your social value through integration into your other core applications, which we’ll cover in a future post.

To whet your appetite, you can socially enable your enterprise by creating a 360o view of your enterprise customers (both content and profile) to support:

  • Business analytics across all forms of structured (customer transactional and behavioral data), semi-structured (enterprise text sources that capture your internal customer conversations via chat, email, call center, etc.), and Social CRM unstructured data for:
  • Big Data insight discovery – finding insights you did not know existed
  • Business Intelligence - developing dynamic, real-time dashboards, reports and alerts for rapid decision-making.
  • Customer Experience Management applications already deployed and in use by your enterprise’s Customer Service, Sales and Service/Support functions for near real-time action (customer experience management).

Wednesday Oct 05, 2011

5 Keys to Building a Successful CRM Strategy

OOW logoSix megatrends that are disrupting business as usual are customer-driven and cross-channel interactions, cloud computing, pervasive mobility, real-time decisions, and social media.

As Kirk Mosher shared in the OpenWorld CRM session on "Building a Successful CRM Strategy," five keys to CRM success are in the areas of industry, insight, innovation, integration, and infrastructure.

Learn more about this and other sessions by browsing our full content catalog. Registration is still open for the final sessions of Oracle OpenWorld 2011, San Francisco, October 2-6. We look forward to seeing you at OpenWorld!

Saturday Oct 01, 2011

What to See at OpenWorld for CRM and eCommerce

OOW logoYou can browse the OpenWorld content catalog via our mobile app or by visiting www.oracle.com/openworld.

Better yet, view our full "Focus On" program guides for CRM and eCommerce, where we have aggregated key information on all of these great sessions and demos into  convenient reference guides

Learn more and register now for Oracle OpenWorld 2011, San Francisco, October 2-6. View CRM Conference activities, browse our Focus On CRM program guides and full content catalog, and build your online / mobile schedule. We look forward to seeing you at OpenWorld!

Capitalize on Technology Disruptions

OOW logo

Don't miss this thought-provoking CRM General Session: How Technology Disruptions Catalyze Customer Relationships!

Led by CRM thought leader and Oracle senior vice president of CRM, Anthony Lye, this session will discuss ways that you can catalyze customer relationships to take your business to the next level.

Furthermore, this OpenWorld General Session will include demos of current and next-generation Oracle CRM technology that can help turn 'disruptions' into competitive advantages. When? Monday, October 3, 12:30-1:30 p.m. Where? Moscone West Conference Center, Room 2002. What? Session ID 18024 -- How Technology Disruptions Catalyze Customer Relationships.

Learn more and register now for Oracle OpenWorld 2011, San Francisco, October 2-6. View CRM Conference activities, browse our Focus On CRM program guides and full content catalog, and build your online / mobile schedule. We look forward to seeing you at OpenWorld!

Thursday Sep 22, 2011

How to Increase Sales? Learn from the Experts at Oracle Open World 2011

OOW logoHere are some great opportunities to learn from the experts about how to increase sales. You will hear success stories, learn about proven best practices, and gain insights from thought leaders.

 Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

 11:45 am – 12:45 pm Increasing Sales Effectiveness and Closing More Deals with Oracle's Complete CRM for Sales
Kirk Mosher, Divya Malik, Oracle
Moscone West
Room 2012
 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm Best Practices to Maximize User Adoption Rates for Siebel Sales Implementations
Stephen Fioretti, Oracle; Philip Philippides, Cognizant; Jerry Lekhter, Intuit; Jeff
Mackay, GE Healthcare
Moscone West
Room 2003

 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm Integrated Sales and Marketing in the Cloud with Oracle CRM On Demand
Justin Anderson, Sundeep Parsa, Oracle
Moscone West
Room 2005
 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Making Sales Reps More Effective and Efficient with Oracle Fusion CRM Sales
Wiebke Wiedemann, Rachel Scales, Oracle; Lynne Herbert, Green Mountain Coffee
Moscone West
Room 3016
 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Optimize Sales Planning and Sales Performance with Oracle Fusion CRM
Francis Chang, Len Wolfenstein, Oracle
Moscone West
Room 3016
 Wed Oct 5th, 2011

 11:45 am – 12:45 pm Oracle's CRM for Life Sciences: Strategies for Sales Innovation
Piers Evans, Raj Aggarwal, Charles Knapp, Oracle
Westin Market
Stanford Room
 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Increase Sales Partner Effectiveness and Efficiency with Oracle’s PRM Solutions
Stephen Fioretti, Oracle; Scott Rowell, Optus
Moscone West
Room 2010
Thursday, October 6th, 2011

 9:00 am – 10:00 am Attain Superior Sales Performance Through Oracle’s Insight-Driven Sales
Analytics Anand Dodd, Oracle; Rashmi Grover, Experian
Hotel, Grand
Ballroom A
10:30 am – 11:30 am
Life Sciences CRM On Demand for Sales Force Effectiveness
Piers Evans, Jennifer Cain, Oracle
Westin Market St.
Franciscan II Room
 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm
Offline Sales Force Automation Client for Life Sciences
Arvindh Balakrishnan, Harsha Murthy, Oracle, Alok Verma, ITC Infotech
Westin SF Hotel
Franciscan II Room
1:15 pm – 2:15 pm
Transforming LSP Sales, Rating, and Operations with Siebel CRM / Oracle Transportation Management
Sundar Swaminathan, Greg Smith, Oracle
Westin SF Hotel
Concordia Room

Learn more and register now for Oracle OpenWorld 2011, San Francisco, October 2-6. View CRM Conference activities, browse our Focus On CRM program guides and full content catalog, and build your online / mobile schedule. We look forward to seeing you at OpenWorld!

Tuesday Sep 20, 2011

Oracle OpenWorld: Top CRM Sessions

OOW logoLearn and connect at these top, valuable CRM sessions:

CRM General Session: How Technology Disruptions Catalyze Customer Relationships, Monday, October 3, 12:30 p.m , Moscone West, Room 2002. Often, the most significant economic and technological advancements have come to those who seize, rather than shy away from, 'disruptive' elements. Led by Anthony Lye, senior vice president of Oracle CRM, this session will include demos of current and next-generation Oracle CRM technology that can help turn 'disruptions' into competitive advantage.

Oracle ATG Web Commerce Product Overview and Roadmap, Monday, October 3, 2:00 p.m, Moscone West, Room 2012. Learn how Oracle ATG Web Commerce powers Web, mobile, social, and other selling channels with an engaging and consistent customer experience. And hear how ATG applications are being integrated into Oracle's broader CRM, Retail, and Fusion Middleware offerings.

Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management Overview, Strategy, and Roadmap, Tuesday, October 4, 1:15 p.m, Moscone West, Room 3002. Gain a deeper understanding of Oracle Fusion CRM, and learn how Oracle's commitment to innovation is driving a wide range of future enhancements.

Oracle CRM On Demand Product Strategy and Roadmap, Monday, October 3, 5:00 p.m, Moscone West, Room 2005. Hear directly from Oracle experts about future product plans and how Oracle is committed to accelerating the pace of innovation and value to its customers.

Siebel CRM Product Strategy and Roadmap, Monday, October 3, 3:30 p.m, Moscone West, Room 2003. Hear Oracle experts discuss recent innovations and future product plans for the industry's most powerful cloud-based customer relationship management solution.

Customer Panel: A Journey to Customer Advocacy with Oracle's CRM Service, Tuesday, October 4, 11:45 a.m, Moscone West, Room 2003. Hear directly from leading organizations that are using Oracle CRM solutions to deliver exceptional service -- and build valuable customer advocates for their business.

Customer Panel: Achieving Success with Oracle CRM On Demand, Monday, October 3, 3:30 p.m, Moscone West, Room 2005. Learn how leading organizations are maximizing their ROI in Oracle CRM On Demand, including implementation best practices that avoid common risks of software implementations.

Customer Panel: Innovations, Tips, and Best Practices for Siebel CRM, Monday, October 3, 2:00 p.m, Moscone West, Room 2010. Panelists share real-world best practices, ways to maximize ROI by upgrading to the latest release, and strategies to empower employees to more profitably engage customers.

Learn more and register now for Oracle OpenWorld 2011, San Francisco, October 2-6. View CRM Conference activities, browse our Focus On CRM program guides and full content catalog, and build your online / mobile schedule. We look forward to seeing you at OpenWorld!

This content is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

Monday Sep 19, 2011

Oracle OpenWorld: Hot CRM Topics

OOW logoWith nearly 120 sessions, the CRM track at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 will deliver unprecedented insight into Oracle’s CRM portfolio—including the latest developments in Oracle Fusion CRM, cloud-based CRM, and key acquisitions like ATG and InQuira. Other hot topics at this year's conference are expected to include eCommerce, mobile CRM, and real-time decision-making.

Starbucks, Dell, and British Columbia are among the high-profile Oracle CRM customers who will present at the conference, taking place in San Francisco October 2-6. In addition to individual sessions, attendees can get live, hands-on experience at 24 demo pods devoted to CRM solutions. They can also explore a variety of partner offerings at the CRM Pavilion and interact with experts in the CRM Lounge. In addition, there will be a private reception for senior executives on Tuesday evening and a Chief Sales Executive Summit on Wednesday.

Learn more and register now for Oracle OpenWorld 2010. View CRM activities, browse our Focus On CRM program guides and full content catalog, and build your online / mobile schedule. We look forward to seeing you at OpenWorld!

Tuesday Apr 19, 2011

Business Intelligence: Model Once, Deploy Everywhere

Our colleague, David Dorf, wrote an interesting post at the Insight-Driven Retailing Blog. You might find these insights useful in your industry, especially if you need insight across CRM and other information repositories.

Business Intelligence has really grown up over the last decade. It has expanded beyond simple reporting to include advanced analytics, alerting, forecasting, collaboration, and even knowledge management. For retailers, many of these functions exist within the enterprise, but they are typically not connected and rarely use common semantics.

CSA BI.PNGWorking with Chain Store Age, we did a survey to find out where retailers need the most help. The results show that consolidation, consistency, and simplification are the main priorities. Most retailers know they own the data to make the right decisions, but they are frustrated at not being able to easily access that information.

The best approach we've found is to model the data once, in a common information model that is comprehensive to the business. Then there are opportunities to deploy the model in different ways to support different functions. But if you don't have that common information model to begin with, you risk complications.

Oracle provides a common information model across disciplines such as finance, labor, and supply chain for its BI Apps. To that we're adding industry domains like merchandising and banking so its possible to combine ERP and industry data yielding a complete view of the business.

Below are links to more information and an upcoming webinar on the topic.

Survey Findings

Webinar: Simplifying Retail BI: How to model once, deploy everywhere, and separate the necessary from the nonsense (Tuesday, April 26, 2011; 2 p.m. ET/ 11 a.m. PT)

Chain Store Age Interview at NRF


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