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    September 19, 2016

Simplify Your Complicated Life with CPQ

Complexity is everywhere, in both our professional and personal lives. We want things to be simpler but how is that possible in this digital age? We are always plugged in, Wi-Fi is almost ubiquitous, hand-held devices give us unparalleled access to information and, as a result, we are working more and more. That’s why the desire to simplify is so strong. 

And, in a way, software solutions are in a similar situation. 

When one thinks of configure, price, and quote (CPQ) software, one might assume that means a complex system. After all, CPQ handles some very intricate processes in an organization - quoting, modeling, pricing, forecasting, etc. Complexity is a common topic in the CPQ market but CPQ itself is not complex. The complexity lies in the underlying organization’s business model. Take a moment to think about your pricing, quoting, contracting, and discounting processes. They are probably more involved than you think.

All organizations want a CPQ solution that will be easy to navigate, implement, and use. Nobody requests a complicated and drawn-out implementation timeline, a complex adoption process, or a confusing user experience. Sales leaders love to hear that deploying and integrating a CPQ solution into their sales cycle is simple, but if you want something done correctly, you need to dedicate time to the process to get it right. This doesn’t mean it has to be complicated for you, especially when you partner with a provider that has a wealth of experience and understands implementing CPQ into your business.  

Many CPQ software providers advertise themselves as offering solutions that are simple in every way, but be wary of those that attempt to oversimplify your CPQ solution. If those solutions are overly simple they won’t handle your organization’s complex pricing, quoting, and configuring processes, nor will they enable you to scale or adjust through years of growth, development and change. Later on, when you are locked in, the truth of the so called simplistic approach will come back to haunt you. However, organizations that take the time to understand their pricing, quoting, and contracting processes, and work with an experienced CPQ professional are able to enjoy the benefits of a CPQ solution for years to come.  

In the world of software, go with a solution that can handle the complexities of your business and is built to support your organization as it experiences inevitable change, such as growth into new regions, new territories, and new products. Partner with a company that knows things may not always be simple at first, but, if done correctly, the end result will be well worth the time spent. 

If you want to learn more about a CPQ cloud provider that is built to grow with you as your organization develops and grows, join us at Oracle OpenWorld and visit the “What’s Your CPQ Maturity? A CPQ Business Panel Discussion” session.   

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