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Securitas Direct Increased Productivity and Significantly Improved CX - and Other News

Anna Sabryan
Senior Product Manager

Enjoy our weekly round-up of top news stories across the CX landscape.


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Industry News:

How Brands Like Audi and Pez Are Winning the AR Game – Molly St. Louis, Adweek, 3.7.18

  • AR can fortify marketing efforts by providing consumers with an immersive experience, enabling companies to generate high engagement with their core audiences.

8 Ways to Measure Chatbot Program Success – Dom Nicastro, CMSWire, 3.7.18

  • As consumers choose between chatbots and service representatives, enterprises can measure chatbot effectiveness by defining KPIs, task success rates, and more.

Voice Shopping Set to Skyrocket – Richard Adhikari, Ecommerce Times, 3.7.18

  • The voice shopping market in the United States is set to rise to a $40 billion valuation by 2022, driven by a surge in the number of homes using smart speakers.

Food factory AI: How McDonald's automation lets the crew focus more on customers – Larry Dignan, ZDNet, 3.6.18

  • McDonald’s aims to improve the customer experience with new technologies, such as kiosk ordering and delivery, while also improving employees’ day-to-day experiences.

How to improve retail sales in seven steps – Jesse Scardina, SearchCRM, 3.2.18

  • Retailers can spur sales and provide a remarkable retail experience by digitizing their business, creating personalized experiences, engaging on social platforms, and more.


What We Can Learn From China About IoT  - Maciej Kranz, Forbes, 3.5.18

  • With 20% annual growth the past few years, the China Economic Information Service now thinks the Chinese IoT market could reach more than 230 billion US dollars by 2020.

AI will be the art movement of the 21st century - Rama Allen, Quartz, 3.5.18

  • While “AI” still evokes the idea of autonomous machines that, after a period of algorithmic maturation, will ruthlessly and inevitably surpass their human makers, “augmented intelligence” reflects the pragmatic truth of the situation: sophisticated technologies that enhance our capabilities, but still require human intelligence to define rules and steer the way.

Field Service:

Finding the true value of AI in field service – it's all about results  - Athani Krishnaprasad, Diginomica, 3.7.18

  • Although AI-enabled technology has proven to be far more than just a passing fad, field service providers are only beginning to understand its implications on essential business processes.

The future of fixing: What field service means for us in the next 50 years  - Athani Krishnaprasad, Internetofthingsagenda, 3.5.18

  • It’s clear that, like many other industries, field service will soon undergo some serious changes — and it too will need to prepare for them. What will happen to this important industry?

Customer Service:

AI to transform Customer Service industry  - Cioreview, 3.8.18

  • Experts predict that the industry’s 85 percent of communications will run without engaging any customer service representatives.

11 Powerful Customer Service Culture Catalysts That Can Transform Your Company Results – Micah Solomon, Forbes, 3.4.18

  • Building and nurturing your customer service culture should be the foundation that supports and sustains superior customer service.


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