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Salesforce Customers: Oracle CPQ Has Your Back…and Now, Your New UI

Guest Author

By Dylan Conley, Senior Manager, Software Development, Oracle

The Oracle CPQ Adapter for Salesforce Lightning enables industry-leading CPQ in a seamless native Lighting experience

As consumers, your expectations continue to grow. This includes the way you shop and get things done. You also bring these expectations to work. The applications you use at work must keep pace. For the last seventeen years, Oracle CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) has continually improved its flexibility, performance, and user experience. But if your sales reps use Salesforce for CRM with the Salesforce Lightning UI, they may want a single holistic UI experience across both CRM and CPQ. Oracle CPQ is the first configure, price and quote solution that delivers a seamless Salesforce Lightning UI experience to Salesforce CRM users across both CRM and CPQ via the new Oracle CPQ Adapter for Salesforce Lightning.

If you’re considering switching your Salesforce CRM implementation to the Lightning UI for your organization, here are three questions to consider:

  1. Are the CRM tools I use day-in and day-out Lightning compliant?
  2. Will all my existing CRM features—especially buttons and custom-built pages—work when I switch to Lightning?
  3. Will my integrated apps continue to work with Lightning?

The answers to these questions will determine your ability to transition successfully to the SFDC Lightning UI. If your answers to questions one and two are ‘yes’ and you expect your critical tools and custom features will be supported by SFDC Lightning, then you can consider question three. As a longtime SFDC developer, I can help you answer question three with respect to Oracle CPQ – the answer is an emphatic ‘Yes’!

In September 2017, we released the latest version of the Oracle CPQ Adapter for Salesforce Lightning. This adapter gives SFDC CRM users the performance, flexibility, and scale of Oracle CPQ  with a 100% seamless native Lighting UI. The Adapter facilitates single sign on, navigation and data transfer between the two applications and ensures that your integration complies with future Salesforce and Oracle CPQ upgrades.  Oracle is the first CPQ vendor that offers a Lightning experience built exclusively from the native Lightning Component Framework.

We’re excited to offer our integrated Salesforce CRM customers UI flexibility. But don’t just take our word for it. Come see how the Oracle Adapter for Salesforce Lightning can enable your users.

If you’d like to leverage the Oracle CPQ Adapter for Salesforce Lightning, please contact your Oracle Customer Success Manager or open a support request in My Oracle Support.

About Oracle CPQ

Oracle CPQ is the leading enterprise-level configure, price and quote solution on the market. Direct and indirect sales organizations of all sizes, including some of Salesforce CRM’s largest customers, leverage Oracle CPQ to help their reps serve customers and drive revenue to the business efficiently and reliably. Oracle CPQ is part of the Oracle CX Cloud Suite, which empowers organizations to take a smarter approach to customer experience management and business transformation initiatives. The Oracle CPQ Adapter for Lightning UI introduces SFDC CRM customers to the various components of Oracle’s best-in-class CX. For example, check out how Calix uses Salesforce CRM, Oracle CPQ Cloud and Oracle Commerce Cloud to enable B2B sales among its partner channel.

Click here to read about the Oracle Adapter for Lightning: Oracle CPQ Inside Lightning UI



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  • Muge Onder Tuesday, January 14, 2020

    For companies that have multiple SFDC orgs, is it a best practice to have Oracle CPQ for each org, or can we build 1 Oracle CPq and connect it to several SFDC orgs. Thanks
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