Workspace Infolets help sellers conquer the CRM chaos

July 16, 2021 | 3 minute read
Kayleigh Halko
Principal Product Manager
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What do professionals who work exclusively from home have in common with parents of small children, pet owners, and Peloton riders?

They all understand and appreciate the power of work zones.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a novice when it comes to Peloton’s Power Zones, which are designed to stress specific components of a rider's fitness while training on the bike. But I’ve become a quick study in the art of balancing the demands of working parent life (both baby and puppy). For me, it all boils down to organization and preparation.

To keep things running smoothly, I created multiple “work zones” throughout my home with the essentials for:

  • Parenting (diapers, wipes, snacks, and extra outfits)
  • Puppy training (treats, leashes, chew toys, water bowls)
  • Work (power cords, notebooks, ergonomic seating)

I rounded it out with go-to cleaning products in strategic locations, and now I’m golden.

What if sales professionals could use this powerful work zone concept to tackle their daily multi-tasking?

Conquering the challenges of today’s sales technologies

The technologies that sales organizations rely on to help them sell successfully, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation (SFA) solutions, typically play multiple roles, which can often compete with one another.

On the one hand, an effective CRM solution is comprehensive and able to surface a lot of valuable context about the data it houses. It’s only really useful to sales reps, though, if they can access and make sense of the information they need, and complete all of their tasks from a single application.

On the other hand, reps tell us that they dread the constant searching, scrolling, and clicking it can take to uncover the right piece of information or identify the next action to take in such a comprehensive tool. Instead, many often give up and start managing their sales activity outside of their CRM, creating their own manageable to-do lists and reminders.

To overcome this challenge, we’ve added Workspace Infolets to the rep’s homepage in Oracle Sales.

Workspace Infolets offer information-rich, action-oriented work zones for sales reps

If you’re not familiar with Workspace, it’s essentially the mission control view in Oracle Sales that allows reps to search across all objects, save searches with unique filters and helpful criteria, and take quick actions directly from the list of resulting records.

Workspace Infolets bring the power of Workspace to a rep’s task-based Oracle Sales homepage, which already houses other shortcuts, quick actions, and analytics that help them track their progress against key goals and metrics. Our infolets provide sales reps with many of the features they use in Workspace, such as quick actions and configurable filters. For example, from within the My Accounts Workspace infolet, reps can take notes, log calls, schedule appointments, and even create opportunities for a specific account in the list. They can also create new accounts directly from the infolet.

And just as with Workspace, reps can configure each infolet to show the most important information and actions related to a particular top-level object, making it even easier to manage their most pressing tasks and accounts.

How Workspace Infolets work

  • Workspace Infolets are sourced directly and entirely from Workspace. Reps can organize what they display around any top-level object in Workspace—even custom objects.
  • Six Workspace Infolets are available out of the box (Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Tasks, and Appointments) along with four blank infolets for you to customize.
  • Seeded or admin-configured lists for all objects and object types—even Smart Lists—are available and can be added to a Workspace Infolet.
  • Workspace Infolets also support a mixed bag of objects to support themed or tailored mini-workspaces. For example, a “What to Focus on Today” infolet may contain tasks that are due, upcoming appointments, and opportunities with looming close dates.
  • Every infolet has a “drill down” icon that enables reps to navigate directly to the corresponding view in Workspace.

No matter the circumstance (parenting, puppy training, or working remotely), the right setup can help you conquer your chaos. And if you’re supporting a team of sales professionals looking to do the same, Workspace Infolets will certainly do the trick!

Learn more about Workspace Infolets with this short video

The Oracle Sales team was excited to be recognized as a Customers’ Choice in the 2020 Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Sales Force Automation! Have an Oracle Sales story to tell? Join the Gartner Peer Insights crowd and share your experience.

Kayleigh Halko

Principal Product Manager

Kayleigh Halko is a Principal Product Manager at Oracle.

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