WINDTRE to transform from telco to digital service provider with Oracle Digital Experience for Communications

April 4, 2022 | 3 minute read
Pierre Obeid
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As part of the number one mobile operator in Italy, we at WINDTRE pride ourselves on covering 99 percent of the population of Italy with our top-quality network. We strive to support customers in their day-to-day challenges, helping them close the distance in their relationships by providing high-quality mobile and fixed services across the country.

WINDTRE was formed by a merger in December 2016. In the years since, we’ve consolidated our operations significantly to present a single brand with the aim of satisfying the growing demands on connectivity.

However, to evolve along with new needs and future-proof the business architecture, we have more consolidation and modernization ahead. We’ve engaged in an evolution to become a full SaaS BSS solution based on Oracle Digital Experience for Communications, partnering with Oracle Communications and Accenture to achieve our customer-centric modernization goals.

Eliminating silos to achieve agility, resiliency, and reliability

Currently, WINDTRE operates three different stacks. This multi-pronged structure makes it challenging to deliver the top-tier experience we want to provide—both for our customers and our employees. The vertical, siloed systems not only create a fragmented user experience, but they complicate the configuration and management of B2C, B2B, fixed, and mobile offers. The result is slower time to market and expensive maintenance costs.

We realized that we needed to simplify our structure and evolve our services beyond the traditional scope. We wanted to offer more digital services and take advantage of the flexibility and elasticity of cloud-based applications. To do that, we knew that we needed a custom transformation program.

Through our partnership with Accenture, we aim to undergo an extensive transformation while maintaining business continuity. As part of our transformation strategy, we’ve set ambitious goals that include business simplification, evolution of our current capabilities, cloudification, and standardization.

Fixing the basics: a business and technology transformation

We’ve chosen a two-step transformation program. Rather than undergo a massive data migration of our entire customer base, we’ve selected tier 1 solutions and a best-of-breed approach to integrate one brand into the others.

With Oracle Siebel CRM at the center, we’ve moved from on-premises operations to the cloud. By simplifying processes and phasing out legacy systems in a gradual evolution of our infrastructure, we can enter the next stage of augmentation and unlock the new capabilities, including additional Oracle SaaS modules.

As we look ahead to the augmentation stage of our journey, we’ll be bringing in additional Oracle Advertising and CX components beyond Siebel to access yet more capabilities available as part of our transformation.

The integration will allow us to achieve the following:

  • Provide an omnichannel experience from different touchpoints
  • Empower unassisted channels by enabling self-service lifecycle management
  • Provide a single, simplified catalogue to manage offers using real-time data, leveraging 360° knowledge of customers

To better prepare for the future, we knew we needed to go beyond being a traditional telecommunications provider and become a digital player that can collaborate with third parties and integrate with the larger ecosystem.

Embracing the journey with Digital Experience for Communications

To bring new partners on board, we must set ourselves up for easy integration, and thanks to Oracle’s Digital Experience for Communications solution (DX4C), we can achieve this goal. 

To successfully transition into the digital services arena, we recognize that we need an architecture aligned with TM Forum Open Digital Architecture and APIs, Kubernetes, microservices, and containerization.

We’re working towards a platform that we can build services upon with third parties, independent of the infrastructure. With this embedded agility and flexibility, we anticipate the faster innovation and shorter time to market.

Moreover, by partnering with Accenture, we can maintain efficiency throughout our transformation, driving an adaptable journey without business or service interruption.

Lastly, we anticipate granting WINDTRE customers a fully comprehensive offering and experience as we evolve our brand.

Learn more about WINDTRE’s transformation journey with the video below.

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Pierre Obeid


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