Unveiling the Power of UI Events Framework: A Video Series on how to use UI Events Framework on Fusion Service

August 8, 2023 | 2 minute read
Edson Ferreira Da Silva Junior
Senior Product Development Manager
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We are excited to introduce a series of instructional videos about the UI Events Framework (release in 22D only for Fusion Service Next Gen) aimed at enabling better understanding and implementation.


Baseline Knowledge before dive in the video series.


What is UI Events Framework?

The UI Events Framework library serves as an eventing platform, enabling listening to VB-level (Visual Builder Studio) events and operations externally. This library caters to partners and customers aiming to create applications that interact with the Fusion Service Application. It facilitates communication with the client through application-level events like form field changes, context open/close events, and more. The adapter library empowers consumers to execute application-level operations such as updating/getting field values. These extensible events will be exposed inside the client also so that consumers can consume the extensible events/operations through JavaScript or VB level action wiring.Here are some of the examples where UI Events Framework can help:

  • CTI: Build an external media tool bar to integrate Fusion Service and CTI platforms.
  • Agent Automation: Create a side panel bar that embeds a custom application to search for data on an external data source, then use the data to screen pop and populate fields in the Fusion Service Center. The idea is to automate and reduce agents' typing while working with multiple web applications.


Video Series & Documentation


I am excited to see creativity being unlocked after you learn the UI Events Framework.

Please leave your comments, questions, and ideas on how UI Events Framework can help customers' use cases. Our team is thrilled to help.

Edson Ferreira Da Silva Junior

Senior Product Development Manager

I've been working in the software and consulting industry for more than 14 years, ultimately gaining experience in B2B sales, software development, project implementation management, enterprise architecture and solve-problem at a variety level.

My passion for helping people and for understanding how to overcome their problems made me an enthusiast for customer experience matters. I am dedicating my career to implement software that supports companies to provide a better customer experience.

Currently, I am responsible for Manage Oracle Service Cloud for South American customers, and as part of a Product Management Team, I act as a central resource and driving force for the design, process, manufacturing, test, quality, and marketing as they move from conception to distribution.

If you believe that I can be of help or advisor in CX, please get in touch or connect.

My capabilities: Oracle Service Cloud, Siebel CRM, Enterprise Architecture, Project Management, Implementation Methodology, Software Design, Pre-Sales, Cloud Architecture, Hybrid Architecture, and OnPrimese Architecture. Programmer Skill (Python, PHP, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, and HTML).

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