The top 5 Often Imitated podcasts you don’t want to miss

September 30, 2021 | 3 minute read
Jose-Andres Camacho
Social Media Manager, Oracle Advertising and CX
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Often Imitated, a CX podcastHappy International Podcast Day! To celebrate, we invite you to check out the top five most downloaded episodes of Often Imitated, a CX podcast presented by Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience and hosted by Ian Faison, CEO of Caspian Studios.

Each episode recounts the origins of a famous experience—from 1969’s Woodstock to Edison’s first light bulb to the Pringles can—to understand what it can teach us about modern customer experiences. You’ll also hear from modern business leaders on how they craft industry-leading CX.

We hope the takeaways from our various guests, experts, and thought leaders will guide your CX journey—and inspire you to create customer experiences that everyone else will want to imitate.

The top 5 most popular Often Imitated episodes

5.  "Driving Your CX to the Limit with Oliver Hughes, CMO, Red Bull Racing Honda" | Episode 27

“If you go into something and plan everything around metrics, then you end up killing the creative process,” says Oliver Hughes, CMO of Red Bull Racing Honda. Hear how you can speed past your competition by doing what’s never been done before.

4.  "The Art of Anticipating Needs with Ali Diab, CEO at Collective Health" | Episode 5

Learn how automotive icon Lee Iacocca anticipates customer needs to build a 1960s automotive empire, and hear how Collective Health CEO Ali Diab makes prioritizing customers a key pillar of the company’s success. Says Diab, “Your customer is the most important thing. Without your customer, you’ve got nothing.”

3. "Through the Desert with Ann Holder, CEO at Odonata Health" | Episode 10

What can the Pony Express tell us about the vital role of information in pregnancy care and communication in general? Explore how Odonata Health CEO Ann Holder uses data to give pregnant women the quality of care they need and flood “maternity deserts” with the information they deserve.

2. "Overlooked and Underserved with Tonio DeSorrento, Co-Founder & CEO at Vemo Education" | Episode 4

“Don’t ignore the idea that won’t go away. When you feel in your gut you have an opportunity to make an impact by doing something differently, lean into that,” says Vemo Education co-founder and CEO Tonio DeSorrento. Hear how Tonio is doing something unheard of in student loan financing—building experiences with students in mind.

1. "The Phone Booth Moment with Kristine Steuart, CEO at Allocadia" | Episode 9

What do superheroes and successful CMOs have in common? Confidence—and the ability to instill it in others. Confidence is a tremendously powerful tool, almost like a superpower itself. See what the origins of our favorite superheroes can tell us about the role of confidence in customer experience today.

Thank You

To our Often Imitated listeners around the globe, thank you for your continued support and commitment to providing your customers everywhere with exceptional and memorable customer experiences. From the Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience team, have a very happy International Podcast Day!


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Jose-Andres Camacho

Social Media Manager, Oracle Advertising and CX

Jose-Andres Camacho is a social media manager for Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience. He has over five years of experience in social media marketing for B2B and B2C Fortune 500 technology brands.

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