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November 23, 2020 | 4 minute read
Amy Sorrells
Global Communications, Oracle
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Integration Spotlight: Snap Vision and Oracle CX Commerce

One perk of being a startup that works with Oracle is the ability to integrate with Oracle Cloud solutions, specifically application suites like Customer Experience (CX), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Human Capital Management (HCM). When a startup builds on top of our cloud solutions, that integration complements Oracle’s cloud offering, enhancing capabilities for our global customers while providing the startup scale and exposure.

“Oracle offers a huge variety of products and services, so it can offer technology and industry expertise in whatever market a startup might be targeting,” said Doug Henschen, Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. “Oracle also has a huge base of customers around the world, so Oracle can help open doors that startups would have trouble opening on their own.”

Many of the startups who are part of Oracle for Startups already have integrations with our Oracle Cloud Applications and are part of the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. 

Let’s examine one of these fast-growing startups and its integration with Oracle CX Commerce.

Snap Vision: World-class visual search and commerce for retailers and publishers

Snap Vision is an AI-based visual search platform that can take any image and match that image to similar products available to buy online. Say, for example, you’re flipping through Vogue or Marie Claire and see a must-have item. Or you’re on a retailer’s website and the item you love is out of stock in your size. With one tap of a button, Snap Vision finds you something similar. As you might imagine, the use cases for retailers and publishers are plentiful.   

It’s that versatility that attracted a huge amount of interest from some of the biggest names in retail and publishing. Snap Vision says customers are seeing impressive results, including more than a 100% increase in time spent online and a 33% increase in conversion rates. 

To help them deliver those results, Snap Vision migrated to Oracle Cloud infrastructure after joining the Oracle for Startups program, noting a 40% cost savings and 5X faster deployment.  

“When you’re a search engine, every millisecond counts,” said Jenny Griffiths, CEO, and Founder of Snap Vision. “OCI allowed us to push our boundaries and accomplish things we didn’t think were possible.”

With a solid infrastructure in place, Griffiths turned her attention to how her unique AI solution could integrate and complement Oracle’s CX applications and deliver more value to Oracle’s retail and commerce customers.  

The integration: What, why, and how

The integration was essentially a three-step process: Map out the integration, build it, and then take it to market. The goal was to develop an extension of Oracle CX Commerce that gave users a stand-alone element that could be easily added to the Product Details Widget layout. The stand-alone element utilizes product information to conduct a visual search on the Snap Vision API and then displays the results as similar products based on the shape, color, and texture.  

“The integration increases product discoverability and conversion rates,” said Neil McHugh, Senior Product Manager at Oracle CX ISV. “Snap Vision’s technology can showcase similar or alternative products, giving consumers the content they really want to see and engage with, resulting in 33% higher conversion rates.”

From planning to publishing, the integration process took approximately six weeks to complete, and breaks down into four main phases:

  • Mapping and planning: Snap Vision engaged with the Oracle CX ISV team, which is the team within CX Product Management that works with new and existing ISV and startup partners, to bring integrations to the Oracle CX platform.   
  • Solution proposal: A standard solution proposal was crafted, outlining the use cases and high-level technical aspects of an integration of Snap Vision’s technology into Oracle CX Commerce.  
  • Vetting and refinement: The solution proposal was then vetted and refined through collaboration with Snap Vision, the CX ISV team, and Inbound Product Management for Oracle CX Commerce.  
  • Development and publishing: Once the solution proposal was completed and vetted, a development environment was provided and the integration was completed. The technology was then published in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. 

The benefits: How Snap Vision, Oracle, and our customers win

Snap Vision works with Oracle for Startups and Oracle ISV on go-to-market strategies and other activities to help evangelize their solution and the benefits of using Snap Vision with Oracle CX Commerce.

For Oracle, these integrations enhance and complement our products, which benefit our global customers. “Working with partners, especially cutting-edge startups, allows us to continually deliver solutions and innovations to our global customers,” said Katrina Gosek, VP of CX Product Strategy. “The Snap Vision integration will help our customers embrace digital commerce in a new and engaging manner.”

For startups, these integrations provide an awareness, reach, and scale they couldn’t otherwise achieve on their own. “The partnership with Oracle gives us a reach and credibility that helps us scale our business,” said Griffiths. “We’re leading in the visual search space and this integration will allow Oracle customers to drive better customer experiences and increase revenue.”

Interested in learning more about how Oracle is working with startups and vice versa? Check out Oracle for Startups.

Amy Sorrells

Global Communications, Oracle

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